The Event Hub

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"Ever wanted one place to keep track of all your progress in different Events in Forge? As well as
win additional prizes for completing quests within an Event?

What is the Event Hub?

The Grand Pier.PNG

The Event Hub is an off-grid building which is divided into different slots - each one dedicated to a different event. By clicking on the dedicated Event Slot, you can see your progress in the Event, and the relevant rewards for completing the Event. By completing quests within the Event, you can unlock a cosmetic Event slot upgrade - which will allow you bragging rights as you continue to improve the overall appearance of the Event Hub - and a booster!

Where can I find the Event Hub?

The event hub can be found off-grid on the left side of your town.


Event hub buildings


CUP21 logo.png

FoE Soccer Cup


5 days
150% production boost!
Wildlife Forge Banner.png

Wildlife Event

Visitors Centre.png

Visitor Centre
5 days

boost for your attacking armies!

Summer Event 2021 Banner.png

Summer Event 2021

V SS AllAge EventHub21AdditionC.png

Tropical Cafe
3 days
20% defensive boost
for your attacking armies!

Fall Event 2021

Event hub addition d.png

Fall Florist
4 days
8% construction boost!
Halloween 2021 Banner.png

Halloween Event 2021

V SS AllAge EventHub21AdditionE.png

Hellish Hangout
4 days
20% attacking boost for your defensive armies!
Winter Logo 1.png

Winter Event 2021


Festive Grotto
4 days
coin production boost!