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One account per player

Each player may have only one account per world. Each account may have only one user and may not be logged into or played by any other player.
Sharing your password with another person is forbidden.
Knowing, storing, or asking passwords for other players’ accounts is forbidden. If another player sends you their password, you must always report them.
- It is forbidden to create multiple accounts on a single world for any reason.
- It is allowed to use the same account to play on multiple worlds.
- It is allowed to use multiple accounts to play Forge of Empires but never on the same world.
- You may not access (or have access to) any account that does not belong to you, on any world.
- It is forbidden to play for another player if they are temporarily away, or for any other reason.
- It is forbidden to force entry into an account or attempt to trick another player into giving you their login information.
- It is forbidden to ask another player for their login information.

Sharing a device and/or internet connection

It is allowed for two or more players to use the same computer and/or internet connection, provided each player only controls the actions of his/her account (please contact Support to make them aware).
- It is allowed for you and your brother to each have your own account on Forge of Empires provided that you both only have access to your own account.
- It is allowed to login at your work or school provided that only you have access to your account.


InnoGames does not accept any publications that the Forge of Empires Team considers illegal, insulting, offensive, threatening, abusive, real-life-aggressive, sexually explicit, pornographic (including, but not limited to drawings and animations), politically extreme, religiously fanatic, endangering youth, racist, playing down the use of illegal drugs or alcohol, or promoting the use of said substances or in any way inappropriate. Posting links to such content is also not allowed.
Spamming other players with in-game mails or chat messages is abusive and will not be tolerated.
It is against the rules to impersonate any staff member or suggest acquaintances with them in order to force any kind of behavior.
- It is forbidden to use inappropriate names,
- It is forbidden to advertise competitors' games, post inappropriate content or links to such, post links to moneymaking sites or links to competitors' games.
- It is allowed to refer to a player as a noob or to criticize their way of playing using appropriate language.
- Threats are only allowed when they relate to the game and not real life. For example, saying that you will attack someone with your units if he does not give you Forge Points is allowed. However, it is not allowed to say that you will find someone and beat him up if he does not give you Forge Points.
- Using only capital letters, or spamming the same message repeatedly in the chat room is not permitted as it is poor chat etiquette.
- We ask players to not use account names that include whole e-mail addresses, full names or telephone numbers, for player safety and safety of personal data.
- Encouraging other players to break rules is forbidden.


This Forge of Empires server is an English game. The use of other languages in the game is forbidden. This means all communication and all publications must be in English.
A short phrase or a universally known saying in another language is permitted, provided that this is translated to English either directly following or preceding it. It is not necessary to translate proper names.
Support requests must also be created in understandable English, otherwise an answer might be not be given.

Transfer of accounts and Diamonds

It is not allowed to play accounts for commercial purposes. It is not allowed to sell, buy, trade or offer accounts in exchange for Diamonds or any other benefit.
It is not allowed to exchange in-game items (e.g. goods, Forge Points etc.) for Diamonds or outside benefits (such as money, vouchers etc.).
An account can be transferred for free to another person. A prior express approval from the Support team must be given.
Diamonds may only be used by the account that bought them. Transferring Diamonds to another account is not possible.

Bots and scripts

It is strictly forbidden to use bots or scripts.
- It is strictly forbidden to use bots or scripts that automatically collect your resources.
- It is not allowed to use click-bots or scripts that minimize your manual clicks.
- You may not use programs that mimic premium features or provide an unfair advantage.


Each player is required to report serious errors immediately to the Forge of Empires Team. A player is not allowed to knowingly take advantage of bugs.
If you notice that a player is abusing a bug in the game you must report him.
If you notice a spelling error or typo, you are not obligated to report it, however you are encouraged to do so for the improvement of the game.


Operating a push account or knowingly benefiting from it is forbidden. A push account is an account that is mainly used to help another account while neglecting other parts of the game. This means that it is not allowed to use an account solely for the purpose of helping another account grow, or to knowingly receive benefits or any kind of support from such account.
Trades in any form (goods, Forge Points, etc.) that involve multiple worlds are forbidden.


Please treat other Forge of Empires Community members with respect. Following the rules helps to create a fun and fair environment for everyone.
The Community Management of the International version of Forge of Empires are the final arbiters of any rules dispute for the International version of Forge of Empires. Their interpretation of these rules is final.
The Community Management of the U.S. version of Forge of Empires are the final arbiters of any rules dispute for the U.S version of Forge of Empires. Their interpretation of these rules is final.
Forge of Empires Team reserves the right to exclude anyone from the game. Bans can be appealed via the Support System.
Please be aware that in-game items can be removed from an account as a punishment, and that Diamonds aren't refunded to players who are banned for breaking our rules.
If you believe someone is breaking the rules, you can contact the Support Team.
Knowingly benefiting from another player breaking the rules is prohibited. If you think you have benefited from a breach of rules, you must report this.
It is not allowed to mistreat the Support Team or abuse the Support system.
These rules can be adapted to different cases in the interests of maintaining fair play within the game.

Account deletion

Game accounts may be deleted after 30 days of inactivity. Please note that any Diamonds left on the account will remain on the master account and will not be deleted, unless a complete account deletion has been requested.

Rules last revised: 01.09.2015