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Forge Plus is a feature that allows our grizzled hardcore players to purchase pay-as-you-go packages to assist their play styles!

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You can access Forge Plus via a carriage across the river from your City (close in proximity to the Castle System Building)

Available packages

By clicking on the carriage, you will be presented with an option to purchase a package. You can see the list of available packages in the in game shop

Once you have bought a Forge package you can always see the remaining time by clicking on the Forge + building in your city.


The Counselor package

Councel1.png Councel2.png

Name of the package: Counselor package
How long does it run: 28 days

You can view all its bonuses by clicking the Carriage (not in the Shop).
If you buy the package, you can check it's duration along with the bonuses again in the Carriage and once the package runs out after 28 days, it will become available for purchase again.