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Welcome back to the great Fall Bake Off! This year, the Fall Bake Off makes its return to your city in style.
It's time to prepare your Signature Bake!

Ms. Appleton

How can I participate in the Fall Event?

Much like last year's event, you take part in a baking contest. Collect all the ingredients needed and bake as many delectable recipes as possible! In addition to a new upgradable Golden Crops, you'll have the opportunity to win prizes from previous years.

You can collect Ingredients by completing quests in the Fall Event questline. You can earn additional Ingredients from logging in daily, and also have the chance to earn even more Ingredients in your Daily Challenge and from Incidents around your city.

Seasonal background over.png

Once you open the event overview, select one item to bake. Depending on the type of cake you choose to bake, you will need different ingredients, and a more difficult bake requires more ingredients. The rewards you can receive from each type of bake may influence your decision. Hover over a recipe before selecting it to see what you can win!


Fall ingredient apples 40px.png

The ingredients

Once you've collected some ingredients, it's time to prepare your Signature Bake! Open the event window, and choose one of the available recipes using a combination of the 5 available ingredients:

Fall currency apple.png Apples Fall currency caramel.png Caramel Fall currency chocolate.png Chocolate Fall currency cinnamon.png Cinnamon Fall currency pumpkin.png Pumpkins

Along the top of the event window, you will see those five ingredients and the amounts of each you have in stock:

Fall event overview1.png

Each recipe will produce a prize, and a chance to win the Daily Special! You will also receive stars for each successful bake, which pushes you closer to the Grand Prize! Once you've filled the table with delicious treats, you'll be rewarded with the Grand Prize.

Grand prize1.png

You will receive 1, 2 or 3 stars, depending on how complex your baking is! Stars will be added to your Grand Prize progress bar, where you can also admire the goods you have already baked.

Fall 2021 grand prize.png

You can get ingredients from:

  • Completing Fall Event quests
  • From a daily collection quest
  • As random rewards from Daily Challenges and Incidents
  • For Diamonds in the resources shop

Fall ingredient cinnamon 40px.png

League Table

Every time you earn stars, you will also move further up the 'League Table'. The players with the most progress will be rewarded with extra special prizes!

But be aware, other players may want to also get into the higher ranks, but only a certain amount of players can stay there. Make sure that you always earn yourself plenty of Stars in order to not fall in ranks.
In order to view your progress in the League, open the League overview in the top left of the event window:

Fall event overview6.png

Your player portrait will be displayed underneath your current rank along with the amount of League fall star.png Stars you already collected.

Fall 2021 League.png

With the exception of the Hobby League, every other league has a certain limit of players. As more players earn more League fall star.png Stars, then the amount will go up. If you're close to the edge of a league, you may slip down a league if you are not keeping up with your baking!

Example: The range of the Professional is between 15 and 36 League fall star.png Stars and you collected exactly 15 League fall star.png Stars, then you're a Professional.
Sometime later, you will find more than 5% of the whole player base of the same world also reached at least 15 League fall star.png Stars. Therefore, the needed amount of League fall star.png Stars goes up to 16 and you fall down to the Apprentice League.
To avoid this from happening, check your rank regularly and collect more League fall star.png Stars by baking in order to stay in your League.

Fall ingredient caramel 40px.png

League Rewards

Every rank in the League System offers you different rewards in the Fall Event. The rewards will only be given at the end of the Fall Event.

Hobby Reward
Hobby League
Trainee Reward
Trainee League
Apprentice Reward
Apprentice League
Small fp.png 10 Forge Points
Small fp.png 20 Forge Points
1 Store Building
Small fp.png 50 Forge Points
1 Store Building
Selection kit GOLDEN.png1 Golden Crops Selection Kit
Professional Reward
Professional League
Star Baker Reward
Star Baker League
Small fp.png 100 Forge Points
1 Renovation Kit

T SS AllAge SportBonus20a.png Sentinel Outpost - Lv. 1
Selection kit GOLDEN.png 1 Golden Crops Selection Kit

Small fp.png 200 Forge Points
1 Renovation Kit
T SS AllAge SportBonus20b.png 1 Sentinel Outpost - Lv. 2
Selection kit GOLDEN.png Selection kit GOLDEN.png 2 Golden Crops Selection Kits
Avatarfall2021.png 1 Avatar

Fall ingredient chocolate 40px.png

Fall Event Questline

Complete quests in the Fall Event questline to win more ingredients and additional prizes along the way!
In the Fall Event, you have a total of 75 quests, which may seem like a lot, however, they are divided into two almost parallel questlines and a daily questline.


You will have 54 rush quests available to you immediately, and one quest for every day of the event, giving a total of 75 quests. As last year, there will be 2 rush questlines that run parallel to one another, one with 29 quests and the other with 25 quests.

Fall ingredient cinnamon 40px.png

Fall Event Rewards

In addition to some older event items, we of course also have a brand new reward: The Golden Crops (an upgradable building with 9 levels) as well as some special new fall avatars.

Golden Crops

Golden Crops is a special upgradeable building you can obtain during the Fall Event 2021. To keep all farmers busy, this autumnal field in harvest mode is an upgradeable building, with 9 levels. The Golden Crops provides you with Happiness, Population, and Coins on base level. Upon leveling it up, it will also deliver Coins, more Supplies, Forge Points, Goods, and a Fragment for One Up Kits, as well as additional Guild Goods.

Link= A Level 1 Golden Crops can be found as one of the first rewards of the questline and can then be upgraded using Golden Crops Upgrade Kit which can be obtained in the Fall Event 2021 quest line and as part of the Grand Prize.

Golden Crops - Lv. 1

Golden Crops - Lv. 2

Golden Crops - Lv. 3

Golden Crops - Lv. 4

Golden Crops - Lv. 5

Golden Crops - Lv. 6

Golden Crops - Lv. 7

Golden Crops - Lv. 8

Golden Crops - Lv. 9

Fall ingredient pumpkins 40px.png

Fall Avatars

You can also earn yourself some beautiful new portraits in this year's event, too. Two can be earned by completing the questline, with one being an exclusive reward only available as a reward for earning Star Baker in the League.


Fall ingredient apples 40px.png

Previous Fall Events Rewards

That's not all, of course! You also have the chance to win the September Cottage from previous years as well!

Previous buildingsfall20211.png

Fall ingredient caramel 40px.png

Fall 2021 Event and the Event Hub

Event hub addition d.png

By completing quests within the Fall Event 2021, you will also have the chance to win Fall Florist - a new addition to Event Hub. When the event ends it will provide you with an 8% construction boost for 4 days.