Winter Event 2021

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Greetings! I'm Isabella, welcome to Mistletown! How was your journey here? You took the Winter Express, right?


How can I participate in the Winter Event?

Participating in the Winter Event is as easy as opening presents!


Open the event overview to see all the prizes available for this round. Pressing the "Start" Button will wrap and shuffle them. Once the presents are shuffled, click on any of them to unwrap! Each one costs 10 Stars to unwrap.


Similar to last year's Winter Event, you will get the chance to unwrap amazing presents containing some pretty interesting rewards. Shuffle the stack of Mystery Presents and use 10 Stars to open one of them. Those Stars can be collected by completing the event questline, as well as special daily quests and in incidents hidden around your city. In addition, each time you open a Mystery Present, you will receive a Match Stick, which can be used to gain progress toward the Grand Prize! Use a Match Stick to light Candles inside 1, 2, or 3 town houses. Once all 20 houses are lit, the town's Winter Tree will light up and you'll obtain the Special Grand Prize!

In addition to the regular gifts, there’s also a chance you might stumble upon a special tile when you open a present. These are:

Winter icon shuffle.png


Shuffle will of course shuffle the board for you, and it will also give you 10 Stars. When combined with "Double Payout", the stars are doubled, but the tiles are only shuffled once.
Winter icon double.png

Double Payout

Double Payout will double the reward from the next present you open. If you do not open any presents during that day, then the double payout will transfer to the next day when you open a present.
Winter icon show.png

Show 2

Show 2 will reveal to you the contents of two presents on the board, and it will also give you a small amount of Stars. When combined with "Double Payout", the stars are doubled, but only two tiles are revealed.

Winter Questline

This year, your Quest Giver Isabella will guide you through the snowy town of Mistletown!


We hope you are prepared to face the cold as the Winter Event is back! During the event you will come across 70 quests. 38 rush quests will be available immediately, and then a new daily quest every single day of the event.

Reindeer Collection

Winter reindeer.png

That's not all! Each day a new Daily Special will be hidden among the Mystery Presents! When revealing a Daily Special, you will also find one of the 9 lost Reindeers! Once you have found your first Reindeer, it will reveal a hidden reward offer which can only be claimed using diamonds! Help return all the reindeer to their sleigh. Collect 9 Reindeers to unlock more rewards and get yourself a better deal.

Please keep in mind that the reindeer collection is an extra part of the Event, as this provides you with extra rewards upon using diamonds. Once you've claimed your Reindeer collection, you'll be given the chance to start a whole new collection and receive a new set of rewards.

Winter Event Calendar

There is more! The well known Winter Calendar will return, with 32 doors for you to open, with a reward behind each one of them! If you open all the Winter Calendar doors, you will gain some very special rewards.


For example, a special avatar and a new decoration for the Winter Train building: The Parlor Car!

To open these doors, you will need keys! You can find one key each day when unwrapping presents! New doors will unlock each day of the Winter Event, so make sure to come back every day to find the keys! In case you find a second key in the same day, it will be replaced by 1 Master Key Piece and 10 stars. Upon collecting five Key Parts, you will create a Master Key, that can be used to unlock previously missed doors.
Please note: If you get double reward before finding the Daily Key, you will get a Daily Key and a Master Key Part!

Reward icon winter daily key.png Reward icon winter master key parts.png Reward icon winter master key.png

Winter Rewards

Winter Canal

As with all events, there is a brand new Grand Prize to be won! This year, you'll have the chance to snatch the charming and brand new Winter Canal.


Winter Canal - Lv. 1

Winter Canal - Lv. 2

Winter Canal - Lv. 3

Winter Canal - Lv. 4

Winter Canal - Lv. 5

Winter Canal - Lv. 6

Winter Canal - Lv. 7

Winter Canal - Lv. 8

Winter Canal - Lv. 9

Upon reaching the maximum level, this 10 levels' branching building will offer two options: the Festive Canal and the Jolie Canal! Both of these buildings will offer Happiness, Population, Coins, Supplies, Medals and Forge Points. Apart from the nice visuals, the main difference between them is the battle boosts: the Festive Canal increases your defense for both attacking and defending army, while the Jolie Canal increases the attack for both as well!

Click on the building name to see each buildings stats.


Festive Canal

Jolie Canal

Event Hub addition

In addition, successfully completing quests within the event will reward you with the 'Festive Grotto', that provides a coin production boost!


Winter Avatars

Last but not least, we have one more thing in our stack for you! As for every event, you will be able to get two new Avatars as a questline reward! Our third Avatar, the Winter Waiter, is an unique Avatar Reward that can only be obtained through the Reward Calendar.


Returning buildings

As with previous years, there will be an opportunity to grab some of the prizes from previous years, such as the Winter Spire, and the Winter Decoration Kit, which contains an option to select from several prizes from previous years.