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'An eventful year of Forge of Empires is coming to an end and a traveler from far away has come to your town to tell two tales of Granfather Frost.'


How can I participate in the Winter Event?

Winter Banner.png

Participating in the Winter Event is as easy as opening presents!

Open the event overview to see all the prizes available for this round. Pressing the "Start" Button will wrap and shuffle them. Once the presents are shuffled, click on any of the presents to unwrap them! Each present costs 10 Stars to unwrap, which can be gained as a daily login bonus from Ekaterina and the regular Winter questline.

Winter Overview2.png

Each opened present will also grant you a match, which can be used to light between one and three candles on the tree. Reach the top to gain the grand prize! To use a match, just press the "Use"-Button.
In addition to the regular gifts, there’s also a chance you might stumble upon a special tile when you open a present. These are:

Shuffle all.png


Shuffle will of course shuffle the board for you, and it will also give you 10 Stars. When combined with "Double Payout", the stars are doubled, but the tiles are only shuffled once.
Special double.png

Double Payout

Double Payout will double the reward from the next present you open. If you do not open any presents during that day, then the double payout will transfer to the next day when you open a present.
Special show.png

Show 2

Show 2 will reveal to you the contents of two presents on the board, and it will also give you a small amount of Stars. When combined with "Double Payout", the stars are doubled, but only two tiles are revealed.

Winter Questline

The Winter Event has returned, but with a twist! In the spirit of Forge of Empires and the idea of exploring wintery stories, a storyteller from the north is visiting your city, telling two tales about Grandfather Frost.


40 rush quests and 31 stacking daily quests are waiting for you to be completed.

Winter Avatars

These avatars can be obtained during the Winter questline.

Anastasiya Anastasiya Alexander Alexander

Winter Rewards

The Winter Spire

Our new winter-themed building, the Winter Spire, can be taken from a small building site to a magnificient monument for your city!


Winter Spire - Lv. 1

Winter Spire - Lv. 2

Winter Spire - Lv. 3

Winter Spire - Lv. 4

Winter Spire - Lv. 5

Winter Spire - Lv. 6

Winter Spire - Lv. 7

Winter Spire - Lv. 8

Winter Spire - Lv. 9

Winter Spire - Lv. 10

Winter Spire - Lv. 11

Winter Spire - Lv. 12

The building site can be found as one of the first rewards of the questline and can then be upgraded using Winter Spire Upgrade Kits, which can be won in the questline and the main event window.

Upgrade kit winter spire.png

New Winter Buildings

The event also comes with some new and fitting buildings you can win by opening presents.


Sleigh Builder

Charming Cottage

Upgraded familiar buildings

We are also introducing new upgrades for familiar buildings. These come with a new look and added bonuses!


Victory Tower - Lv. 1
Upgrade kit victory tower.png

Victory Tower Upgrade Kit

Victory Tower - Lv. 2

Watchfire - Lv. 1
Upgrade kit watchfire.png

Watchfire Upgrade Kit

Watchfire - Lv. 2

Returning buildings

Additionally, the Winter Deco Selection Kit allows you to select one of many different winter-themed decorations for your city!

Winter Deco Selection Kit

Festive Tree

Gift Tower


Gate Statue East

Winter Gate

Gate Statue West

Reindeer Sleigh