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Join Diane as she leads you on a wild expedition to the untamed heart of Africa, where vibrant flamingos await your visit! Get ready to 'flock' together for a flamingo-filled adventure like no other!

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How can I participate in the Wildlife Event?

Event Window

To begin the Event, please open the Event Dialogue, and you will see the Wildlife Event Window!

This is where you will begin your adventure, and you will use Entrance Tickets to start playing the Level. The screen will also show your progress toward the Grand Prize, as well as the Daily Special available for that day. Just like in the Archaeology Event, you will also be able to swap it, and this can be done in the Event Window before even beginning a level!

Wildlife main 2024.png

Event Currencies

There are two event currencies in the event: Wildlife Coins and Wildlife Entrance tickets.

Entrance Tickets

Wildlife event ticket.png You will start with 4 Entrance Tickets, and you can gain further by completing Quests and Incidents around your City. In addition, they will also replenish over time (similar to tickets within the Soccer Event).

Of course, if you would like more, you can always purchase more at your leisure by using the Plus Button.

Wildlife golden ticket.png Activate the golden ticket to play levels without having to use any of your normal tickets! For a limited period of time while the Golden Ticket is active, you will be able to play as many levels as you can get through!


Image2021-5-17 17-50-42.png At the start of the Event, you will have 200 Coins, however you can gain further from logging in once per day, as well as completing quests and incidents around your City! Every 65 coins spent will grant 5 additional moves. Use them wisely, and bring those Chest Pieces and Pawprints home!

Of course, more Coins can also be purchased from the Shop by clicking on the plus button next to the Coin balance in the top left corner.

The Pop Mechanic

Wildlife board 2024.png

The goal is to find two (or more) of the same block and pop them. Seek out more blocks of the same colour to create bigger matches and maximize your reward!

Tutourial-1 wild-2024.png

Reward Chest

If you pop 5 or more matched blocks, you can create a Reward Chest, and the bigger the match, the bigger the Reward!

Tutourial-2 wild-2024.png

Once a Reward Chest has been created, you will need to claim it. It is not enough to pop and create a Reward Chest, you will also need to drop it to the bottom of the board! This also applies to Pawprints, which will spawn on your board, and must be dropped to make progress on the Grand Prize bar!

Tutourial-3 wild-2024.png

To drop a Reward chest to the bottom of the board, remove the blocks below it by colour-matching and popping them or by using boosters.

Blocks and Stars

There are five different blocks, and each different colour type offers a different Reward!
Note: There are only four colours on each board. Randomly one is always missing.

Blue block.jpg Blue chest.png With five or more matches of the Blue Acorn, you will create a blue Chest Piece which will contain a reward with Forge Points.
Green block.jpg Green chest.png With five or more matches of the Green Leaf, you will create a Green Chest Piece which will contain a reward with Coins, Supplies, or Boost & Rush Items.
Yellow block.jpg Yellow chest piece.png With five or more matches of the Yellow Flower, you will create a Yellow Chest Piece which will contain a reward with Goods.
Orange block.jpg Orange chest piece.png With five or more matches of the Orange Carrot, you will create an Orange Chest Piece which will contain a reward with Medals or Blueprints.
Red block.jpg Red Chest Piece.png With five or more matches of the Red Apple, you will create a Red Chest Piece which will contain a reward with Army Units.

In addition, matching more blocks together will also increase the star rating of the Chest Reward. These are rated from 1 to 6 stars, and shown on blocks and Reward Chests (after they are created). Therefore, the bigger the pop, the bigger the Reward!

Chests and stars.png


Pawprints are the currency use to progress on the Grand Prize bar. They are a special block which automatically spawn on the board as you continue to pop up and free up space. In order to collect the pawprints they need to be dropped like the reward chests.

A Grand Prize can be obtained upon collection of 30 Paws.


The number of moves you have per level is finite. Therefore, some strategy is required in terms of when you decide to pop. Do you wait for the biggest possible match before popping a group of blocks (thereby creating a higher quality Reward Chest), or will you go all out in trying to get Pawprints? That is very much up to you!

Out of moves wildlife-2024.png

However, if you do run out of moves, there are still possibilities. When you are completely out of moves, you will be prompted with a dialogue which will allow you to purchase more moves with the second event currency Coins.


Coins can also be spent on Boosters, which will grant you special abilities. Boosters are tools that will help you in your quests for rewards in the pop-2 window. You get some of each at the start of this event.

Hammer booster.png With the Hammer you can remove 1 color block from the board.
Leafy line.png With the Leafy Line you can eliminate a full horizontal line.
Lightning Booster.png With Lightning, you can remove all blocks of a chosen color from the board.


If you are out of options, and there are no possible pops on the board - do not fear! The Board automatically re-shuffles, and gives you the option to once again pop more blocks! As long as you have moves, you will be able to pop, and there will be no dead ends. Deadlock shuffles do not cost you a new entrance ticket.

Wildlife Event Questline

Start Your Adventure! At the beginning of the Event you meet Diane. As the Main Guest Giver, she will give you 30 rush quests and 30 daily quests.

Questline wildlife-2024.png

Each completed quest contributes to the counter at the bottom of the quest window, and you will unlock new prizes at 5, 20, 30, 40 and 60 quests!


Leagues wildlife-2024.png

Similar to other events like the Forge Bowl Event, you will collect points from popping tiles and move up to higher leagues.

League requirements are based on the scoring of all players in your world. Rewards will be granted at the end of the event.

Wildlife Event Rewards

Flamingo Habitat

By playing along with this year's event, you could win your very own Flamingo Habitat! This is a special building with 11 levels.

Flamingo habitat upgrade kit.png To upgrade the Flamingo Habitat, you have to use the Flamingo Habitat Upgrade Kit. These Kits can be obtained in the Wildlife event quest line and as part of the Grand Prize.
W SS MultiAge WILD24A1-e8dc8e354.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 1
W SS MultiAge WILD24A2-0d5308845.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 2
W SS MultiAge WILD24A3-d0615560e.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 3
W SS MultiAge WILD24A4-a514a2528.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 4
W SS MultiAge WILD24A5-3ae051834.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 5
W SS MultiAge WILD24A6-e18d07ad4.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 6
W SS MultiAge WILD24A7-b199eac25.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 7
W SS MultiAge WILD24A8-40ea063aa.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 8
W SS MultiAge WILD24A9-c687272dd.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 9
W SS MultiAge WILD24A10-277bdde11.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 10
W SS MultiAge WILD24A11-058eea169.png
Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 11

Serene Flamingo Habitat and Serene Flamingo Paradise

Upgrade your Flamingo Habitat - Lv. 11 with the Serene Flamingo Habitat Silver Upgrade Kit to receive the Serene Flamingo Habitat.

W SS MultiAge WILD24A12-9e1ae08ec.png
Serene Flamingo Habitat

Upgrade your Serene Flamingo Habitat with the Serene Flamingo Paradise Golden Upgrade Kit to receive the Serene Flamingo Paradise.

W SS MultiAge WILD24A13-2bf23c32d.png
Serene Flamingo Paradise

Other Rewards​

Serene Animal Crossing

A new update for Animal Crossing, with the following rewards
- Boosts: Attack for Attacking Army, Attack for Defending Army, Defense for Defending Army and production
- Production: coins, medals, Forge Points and goods.

R SS MultiAge WildBonus22j-86bd29ce0.png

Serene Animal Crossing

Daily Special Exclusives​

W SS MultiAge WILD24E1-548a1cbc0.png
Raccoon Hideout
W SS MultiAge WILD24F1-077b21872.png
Giant Kapok
W SS MultiAge WILD24G1-01a2578c2.png
Blood Lilies

Gold League Exclusive​

W SS MultiAge WILD24B1-379e03737.png

Garden of Eternal Dreams

Silver Event Pass Exclusives​

Exclusive to the Silver Pass, this new upgradeable building will add a touch of the wilds to any city!

W SS MultiAge WILD24D1-caadf6593.png
Alligator Swamp - Lv. 1
W SS MultiAge WILD24D2-cde2563b8.png
Alligator Swamp - Lv. 2

Golden Event Pass Exclusives​

A unique and powerful new building with two levels!

W SS MultiAge WILD24C1-4d67bdf30.png
Tapir Trails - Lv. 1
W SS MultiAge WILD24C2-06cbee716.png
Tapir Trails - Lv. 2


No event is complete without some new avatars to add to your collection!

(Quest Reward)
(Quest Reward)
(League Reward)
(Event Pass)
(Silver Pass)
(Silver Pass)
(Gold Pass)
(Gold Pass)

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