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Coin app.png

You receive coins on a regular basis from your residential buildings, but once a day there is also a daily bonus that you can pick up from your Town Hall. In addition, you will receive coins every now and then if you successfully complete quests, bring sectors or provinces into your possession or plunder from your enemy. You need coins to build new buildings, to buy expansions, and to recruit military units. Furthermore, you need them to unlock technologies, scouting provinces on the continent map, to infiltrate before a battle, and to buy additional Forge Points. So keep in mind: Coins are important, you can never have enough!

Supplie app.png

You will receive supplies by placing orders in production buildings (also referred to as workshops). Unlike residential buildings, you need to set these orders yourself. In addition to supplies from production buildings, you will receive supplies every now and then as a reward for successfully completing quests, conquering territories or plundering buildings. You need supplies, just like coins, to build, to recruit units and to unlock technologies.

Diams app.png

In the top right corner you can see your Diamonds. Diamonds are a valuable resource because they are very versatile. You can use them at many points throughout the game for a vast number of uses. For example, you can build special buildings, improve your productions, accelerate your construction times or buy extra Forge Points. You can also use Diamonds to purchase missing goods or shorten the time required for scouting. Diamonds can occasionally be won from quests, but if you ever need more, you can also purchase Diamonds by pressing the small plus sign to the left of your Diamond balance.