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The way to success is through progress: One of the most important game elements in Forge of Empires is research. With Forge Points you can explore new technologies, and once you've unlocked them, new buildings and expansions will be available to you

You can find a table with all details about the currently available technologies here

The Research Tree


The Research Tree is divided into ages. You enter into a new age once you have unlocked the first technology for that age. In doing so, some things change for you: The main building will be replaced by a new one, matching the theme of your age. Additionally, you will have instant access to several new buildings in the building menu and new Diamond expansions will be at your disposal. Some of your Great Buildings will also change their productions.

Research & Unlock


To explore a new technology, you must first invest enough Forge Points. Initially, the requirements are relatively low, and technologies are explored quickly, but soon it will take longer and be more costly to achieve new scientific breakthroughs. But Forge Points are not everything – if the bar is full, you must still pay the unlocking costs to take advantage of the new achievements.

Do not underestimate these costs and plan ahead wisely – later, technologies will entail high goods costs, and you should be prepared to pay them. Also note that you can only do more research if you've unlocked all the technologies that you need as a prerequisite for a new research.


If your planning does not work out and you are stuck somewhere in the Research Tree, or if you want to move faster, you always have the opportunity to accelerate your research with Diamonds – if you choose to "Complete Instantly", not only will the Forge Points bar be completely filled, but the technology will also be fully unlocked immediately.


Once you unlock the first technology in a new Era, you will get a congratulatory prize. A Chest with Forge Points as well as some other great stuff.