The Statue of Honor

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The Statue of Honor guild_battlegrounds_road_to_victory.png is a special building given as a reward in The Volcano map for Guild Battlegrounds.

The Statue of Honor is an upgradable building with 8 levels. The Statue of Honor produces coins, guild power, guild goods, and Forge Points in 24 hours. The goods are evenly distributed among the goods of the building's age. Upgrading The Statue of Honor requires a The Statue of Honor Upgrade Kit Reward Reward icon upgrade kit statue of honor.png.

The Statue of Honor has a Chain Ability with Road to Victory. |This building is exclusively available for participants of the Diamond and Platinum leagues in Guild Battlegrounds. The production and bonuses of The Statue of Honor can be increased by attaching Road to Victory buildings to the statue. When attached, the Road to Victory boosts the Statue of Honor's production with 5 random goods from your age, as well as giving a 5% Defense boost for attacking armies. The amount of roads that can be added to the statue is only limited by your city's size and availability of the road. Additional roads have to be correctly aligned and can be attached only to the lower right side of the statue. Road to Victory comes in three different visual variants.

Statue of Honor - Lv. 1 Statue of Honor - Lv. 2 Statue of Honor - Lv. 3 Statue of Honor - Lv. 4
Statue of Honor - Lv. 5 Statue of Honor - Lv. 6 Statue of Honor - Lv. 7 Statue of Honor - Lv. 8
R SS MultiAge Battlegrounds1f.png R SS MultiAge Battlegrounds1g.png R SS MultiAge Battlegrounds1h.png
Road to Victory