Terracotta Vineyard

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Terracotta Vinyard

The Terracotta Vineyard was introduced with Forge Bowl 2021. You can get the level 1 building from the questline, and you can upgrade it all the way to the level 8. To do so, you need Terracotta Vineyard Upgrades Kits. You can get them from the questline itself, as well as from the Touchdown Rewards. The level 1 building will provide happiness, population and coins. From level 2 on it also generates medals. Level 3 adds goods to the mix. From level 4 on, the building will also provide Forge Points. The output increases further with upgrades.

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Grand Prize: The Terracotta Vineyard is an upgradable 5x3 residential building with 8 levels


Additionally, you will also have a chance to get four new 5x2 decorations:


Cypress Pass


Lavender Lawn

Olive Grove

They not only look great, but if you place them in front of the Terracotta Vineyard, they will also provide an additional bonus for the main building:

  • Cypress Pass - 8% attack for the attacking army​
  • Grapevines - 10 goods.​
  • Lavender Lawn - 4 Forge Points.​
  • Olive Grove - 8% defense for the attacking army​

Please note that you can place more than one of each field type. The available city space is the only limit :).

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