St. Patrick's Day Event - Getting started

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Tutorial 1a.png

When you enter the event mini-game for the first time, you will see one factory, namely the hat factory on the eastern part of the city. The first step to get your city ready for the St. Patrick's Day is to start a production of hats!

Center Now click to add the goods to the factory stockpile
Click the shipyard to send the ship to move your goods to the festival. The ship will now transport your goods from the factory stockpile to the festival stockpile.
Center Now click the festival to sell your goods from the festival stock
Upgrade your factory to level 2 by spending Shamrocks and increase your production.
Tutorial 5a.png
Center Hire a manager to automate and boost your production
Manager administration window.
Tutorial 7a.png
Center Now click on the task bar to collect your first completed task and gain progress towards the grand prize.