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Social Interactions

You can draw great benefits from peaceful coexistence with other players. If you help other players, you will get some coins for your support. If you are helped, however, this can be clearly noticeable. To assist a player or to attack him, you have to visit his town, and there you can then select one of the following actions. Remember, though, that you can perform only one action to another player within 24 hours – and since an attack counts as an action, you can only fight once per day, or do any other of the types of interaction.


You can polish the cultural buildings and decorations of a neighbor. The corresponding happiness value is then doubled for the next 12 hours. You can also get a blueprint by doing this, necessary to build Great Buildings


You can motivate the residential buildings and production buildings of a neighbor. The current production is doubled in the building – when doing so, it is worth it a lot more if production is running for a long time. Motivation has a nice side effect – a motivated building can no longer be plundered. Like polishing, you can get a blueprint when you motivate a building, needed for Great Buildings


You can attack a player to see which one of you is the strongest and to receive points for tournaments, a good way to gather medals. The battle works like battles on the continent map, except you will now fight against the defending units the player has set up.


After a successful attack, you have the option to plunder the player. You can plunder most buildings which have a finished production, giving you its resources and leaving the other player with nothing. In addition, this can reward you with blueprints for Great Buildings, although you'll have a higher chance to get a blueprint when you aid the player.


You can polish or motivate an almost random building in the city of another player by simply clicking a button below his portrait on the social bar. This will not require visiting the city.

  • The Aid button automatically motivates or polishes a building of the respective player without visiting him.
  • How does the aid button work exactly?
    • Buildings like “Shrine of Knowledge” that trigger an additional effect when motivated/polished (most recent age) are prioritized.
    • If there are no such buildings available or all of them are already polished/motivated, the feature will enhance a random building from the most recent age.
  • You will also find the Aid button in the Event history - if someone helped you, you can instantly return their kindness.
  • It is still possible to visit a player and choose which action to do and which building to polish/motivate. Which way will you choose? This is entirely up to you!