Soccer Cup 2022

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The Soccer Cup is here again for 2022. Coach Miller will be joining you once more in your quest for victory on the pitch!​

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Once again in the event, you can win two Daily Specials, one from the Training Field and one from the Tournament.
You need to complete Quests to get Energy Drinks to Train your Players, collect Player Cards to give you more Players to improve your Team, and gain tickets to enter the Tournament. It might sound complicated at first, but it's so easy! Let's see how it works.

How Can I Participate in the Soccer Event?

The Soccer Cup is back! Complete event quests to win Energy Drinks and a bonus reward of Tournament Tickets and Player cards! You can also get some free Energy Drinks for your Daily Login and you can find some in the Incidents around your city!

Soccer2022 mainwindow.png

During the Soccer Cup Event you can either train your team (on the left side of the event window) or go straight to the Tournament Arena (on the right side of the event window). As you can see the event window is split in two halves and it contains six key elements, starting from left:

  • On the top left corner is your Team. It shows you all the Players that you currently have available and their current Level.
  • Pressing the Training button, it will take you to the Training Window and below it is the number of the available Soccer icon energy.png Energy Drinks
  • Right under the Energy Drinks you will find the Training Daily Special

Moving to the right half of the Event Window:

  • At the top you will see the Top Three Players in your Worlds Tournament and your position in it
  • By pressing the Tournament button you will be directed to the Tournament Arena and below this button the number of Soccer tickets icon.png tickets you currently have
  • and finally under your tickets you will find the Tournament Daily Special

Training Event Window

In the training arena, you will decide how to pass the ball from one player to another, to eventually reach the goalpost of the opposing team. Every pass will offer you a different selection of rewards including a chance to get the Daily Special or player cards. and will advance one step closer to the coveted goal reward. Click on the question mark above every player to see what you can win.

It takes more energy to pass the ball to players further down the field. It's your choice how quickly you want to advance to the Goal! Passing the ball is hard work! Your players will need to replenish their energy, so in each pass, you will spend some of your Energy Drinks. Complete quests in order to get more.

Soccer2022 training.png

Here you can also access your Team on the left corner, in the middle of the window you'll find the Daily Special and on the right corner, there is the number of available energy drinks. You can buy some more with Diamonds by pressing the Plusbutton.png button. On the right side of the Training Window, you can see the current Goal Reward and the following two.

Daily Special changes every day, but every player you choose has its own chance to contain it! You can also make use of the swap ability. Once per day, you can decide to swap it for a new random reward from the pool of daily specials.

Numbers placed on the top left of the players' cards indicate the level of that player.

Player Cards

As you progress through the event, you will gather Player Cards. Player Cards will either unlock a new player or make one of your current players stronger. By clicking on Team you can view the players you have collected so far. Adding a new player to your team means you will also be able to pass the ball to this player in the training arena. You can click on a player card to see which rewards you can get by passing the ball to this player. The higher level your player is, the higher your chance is to get double the rewards. You can see the double reward chance on the player cards of each player.

Numbers on the right top of the player card indicate the level of that player and the numbers on the below of the player card indicate how many cards you need to level that player.

You can also get Player Cards by passing the ball to players. Specifically, you can get certain position cards from passing the player of that position.

Soccer2022 playercards.png

Buy more Player Cards by pressing thePlusbutton.png button next to Soccer avatar icon.pngcards icon. You can buy 10, 50 or 200 random Cards or specific position Cards (attacker, Middle Field, Defender) with Diamonds

Tournament Arena

In Tournament Arena you can have a face-off against other players to climb the ranking table. In the Tournament Arena window, at the top, you can see the Tournament's Daily Special which, once per day, can be swapped for a new random reward from the pool of daily specials. On the top right corner, you can check the number of tickets you currently have. You can also view the Global Ranking and the rewards for each rank as well as your own rank (right side) and the League you are in (left side).

Soccer2022 tournament.png

Chose your opponent

Soccer2022 opponent.png

Press Play Match to chose your opponent. Every time you play a tournament match you will use up one tournament ticket which will replenish over time. You can earn more tournament tickets by completing quests, or by finding them in regular incidents in your city.

At the top of the window you can see the number of the players you have in your Team and your current ranking. There will be three random opponents from the world to chose from. Next to each one there is a different chest,
Soccer match chest easy.png Easy Soccer2022-mediumopponentchest.png Medium Soccer match chest hard.png Hard,
which means that each one has different prizes for you. The harder the Chest, the better the rewards!
The Points you get are based the Strength of the opponent you face. If you end a match with a draw and you can still win some Ranking Points and a smaller reward chest: Soccer match chest medium.png

This year you also have the chance to change your opponents without waiting for the refresh timer to be reset. Please keep in mind that you can refresh your opponents 2 times per 24 hours.

Tournament Matches

Upon hitting "Play Match" you can still choose the difficulty of the match you will play, between easy, medium, and hard. Your team will then face your opponent and you will need to decide which players to choose; select the 'change team setup' icon Soccer exchange icon.png in the bottom right of the match window to change your players. Remember: each player has his favorite position to play in, represented by the colored symbol on his card. Each player will 'duel' their opponent, you might choose the position wrong here so pay attention to the hints! Choosing the wrong player for each position will result in a negative outcome, so take care! Of course, the more difficult your opponent, the greater the rewards and ranking points!

Soccer2022-tournament match.png

Once you finish selecting your team, click on the "Start Match" button in the middle of the screen to use a tournament ticket (Soccer tickets icon.png) and complete the match. These tickets will replenish over time, but you can earn more of them by completing quests, finding them in regular incidents in your city, or purchasing them with diamonds.

Winning a match will earn you Ranking Points and a reward chest. The reward chest you win depends on the difficulty you choose. Each reward chest has a chance to win the Tournament Daily Special, which is different from the Training Daily Special, meaning that on each day there are two different daily special prizes you can aim for!

Do not despair if you can't make the victory quite yet! Losing is not the only option: you can also end a match with a draw and win some Ranking Points and a smaller reward chest.


Every tournament match victory earns you Ranking Points, which will determine your global ranking and will move you up the League Table. With higher ranking comes better rewards! At the end of the event, you will receive additional special rewards based on your league. You can view which league you are in by clicking on the league trophy in the tournament arena.

This year, we provide rewards to the whole list of top 50 highest ranked players globally! All players from this list will receive something extra, and the first 10 players will get unique avatars. Naturally, the first 3 players in the global rankings will get the most prominent rewards. However, compared to the last year's rankings, you get way more chances to score extra rewards for your efforts!

Be aware, that other players may want to also get into the higher ranks, but only a certain amount of players can stay there. Make sure that you always gain enough Ranking Points in order to not fall in ranks.

League soccer bronze cup big.png Soccer2022 Leaguetable.png


Windmill Farm

And now for the best part of every event; the rewards! The new main reward is the 'Windmill Farm', a chain building made up of the Gentiana Windmill and 4 Windmill Farmlands!

Gentiana Wildmill is an upgradable building with 8 levels.

You will need
Gentiana Windmill Upgrade Kit to upgrade your Gentiana Windmill and you can find them as Goal Rewards, but never as Daily Specials.

Flower Path

Rocky Path

Olive Tree Path

Wheat Path

For bonus details please check Windmill Farm


This year you can also grab upgrades to 4 exclusive Soccer Cup achievements:

Icon Name Condition
Achievement icons soccer.png Goooooal! Finish the Soccer Cup questline
Achievement icons tiki taka.png Tiki-taka Score a goal by only passing the shortest distance
Achievement icons one team one dream.png One Team, One Dream Win X tournament matches in the Soccer Cup event (a multi level achievement)!
Achievement icons all stars.png All Stars! Upgrade all players of the Soccer Cup event to X level (a multi level achievement)!

Exclusive Portraits

For this year's event, we have 7 new event-exclusive portraits to show off your progress to your friends and neighbors! Two of these avatars can be won by completing the questline, while the last one can be earned by finishing the event in the Gold League!

Portrait 502.png
Portrait 503.png
Portrait 504.png
Portrait 505.png
Portrait 506.png
Portrait 507.png
Portrait 508.png