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(May 1788 – December 20, 1812)

QG historical-2018 II frei SACAJAWEA.png

The Agai-Dika Shoshone woman Sacajawea was born in 1788 in a country today known as Idaho. She is known for her help in exploring North America with the Lewis and Clark expedition. The name Sacajawea translates into 'Bird Woman'.

While traveling up the Missouri River, one boat capsized and Sacajawea dived to rescue important records. For this brave and quick action, a tributary was named after her - Sacajawea River.

She helped to make cultural contact with the Native Americans and is also a symbol of women's worth and independence.

This historical questline was available in May 2018, and rewarded users with a unique portrait of Sacajawea as well as a new building: The Menagerie.

A residential building that produces coins and random goods:

R SS MultiAge SacajaweaBonus18.png

Sacajawea as a unique inhabitant

If you place the Menagerie in your city, Sacajawea herself will move to your city as a unique inhabitant together with her animal friends:

Inhabitant sacajawea.png