Napoleon Bonaparte

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(15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821)

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On the 15th of August, 1769, Napoleone di Buonaparte was born on the island of Corsica.

In 1799, he became first consul of France. He extended his power by becoming a permanent consul in 1802 and finally crowning himself emperor in 1804 in the presence of the pope - with this he became the first Emperor of the French.

In this historical questline you can find out more about Napoleons life, the battles he fought and his downfall.
He was a great military leader and raged war against a lot of countries in Europe and Russia. Even today he is one of the most controversial leaders in history.

This historical questline was available in March 2018, and rewarded users with a unique portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte as well as a new building: The Royal Marble Gateway.

A residential building that produces coins, provides happiness to your population and also gives an attack boost for your attacking army.

Royal Marble Gateway.png

Napoleon as a unique inhabitant

If you place the Royal Marble Gateway in your city, Napoleon himself will move to your city as a unique inhabitant and will run around on his shining white horse: