Leap Year

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The way we measure the days and years is defined by the cycles of the Sun and Moon. But a lunar year, that spans 12 moon cycles, and a solar year, that features all seasons, do not have the same length. This eventually caused problems in 1582...

Every four years, February is a day longer than usual. Where does it come from? Follow the questline and find out!​

Did you know? 2016 was a Leap Year! What does that mean? This historical questline gave us the answer to this and many other questions about the history of... time. Why do we have leap years? Why are there ten days missing from the year 1582 calendar? How did it happen and how does this affect our lives nowadays? It was all revealed to those curious enough to travel through history from February 25th to March 3rd.

A unique portrait of Gregory XIII, the man behind our modern calendar, was given to those who managed to complete all of the quests on time. They also won the time traveling device of Forge of Empires - a Renovation Kit, and some other small goodies from the random rewards. The Renovation Kit allows you to upgrade Special Event buildings to your current era.