Genghis Khan

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(1162 - August 18, 1227)

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Genghis Khan is known the world over for uniting the nomadic Mongol tribes and establishing the largest contiguous empire in history.

He was also credited with bringing the Silk Road under one governing body which expanded trade between Asia and Europe.

Genghis was also known as a great war tactician and a ruthless conqueror. The Mongols were able to attain many territories by just fear alone.
The name Genghis Khan actually means the 'Great Khan'. He was originally born by the name of Temujin.

This historical questline was available in October 2018, and rewarded users with a unique portrait of Genghis Khan as well as a new building: The Botanical Rotunda.

A cultural building it provides Happiness and an attack boost:

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Genghis Khan as a unique inhabitant

If you place the Botanical Rotunda in your city, Genghis Khan himself will move to your city as a unique inhabitant, riding on his war steed:

Genghis Khan 01.png