Forge Bowl 2021

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Forgebowl21 main.png

Our famous quarterback Cal Rogers makes his return with the InnoForgers team to participate in this year's Forge Bowl!


How can I participate in the Forge Bowl?


The InnoForgers make their triumphant return! Cal Rogers joins us once again, to lead his team, the InnoForgers, to victory in the football championship! As soon as the Forge Bowl has started, you can access the event window in top left corner to score touchdowns for your team. Listen to Cal Rogers to make progress in this year’s questline. You’ll be able to complete 35 rush quests immediately, and receive another 20 quests on a daily basis. For each completed quest you'll receive footballs in return.

Use the footballs to choose a play and help our offense score! Different plays have different rewards, and help you advance further down the field.

Your goal is to reach the end zone and score a touchdown giving you the opportunity to win the coveted Touchdown Reward. You'll need to move 80 yards in order to score a touchdown. Push your opponents down field towards your prize. To accomplish this feat, you will have to choose the best tactic to advance.

Forgebowl21 mainwindow.png

To start the game, select a player from the field and advance towards touchdown line. Each player gives you a different reward for choosing him, and each play requires footballs, which you earn via quests. You will also get a free event currency quest per day to receive additional Footballs. Last but not least you will be able to find a few footballs in the incidents around your city.


Just like last year, you will have the assistance of five well-prepared coaches. You can change your current coach by clicking his portrait in the the top left corner. Upon opening the coaches' clipboard, you'll be able to select a coach who suits your current tactics best. There are four volunteer coaches, and each of them provides different advantages as you make progress to a touchdown. There's also the professional Ultimate Coach, who provides all these advantages combined . The Default Coach is your initial coach, and he will stay with you for however long you wish. If you prefer to choose another coach, they will work for you for up to 24 hours (but you can dismiss them earlier), after which they will take a 24 hour break during which they cannot be rehired. If you really want to though, they will rejoin you earlier for a small fee. This cooldown does not apply to the Default Coach and the Ultimate Coach.

Coaches Boost Cost Time active Cooldown Cooldown Cost
Coach 2.2.png
Default Coach
Provides a small chance to double a play reward​
Free Event 00:00H Free
Coach 2.3.png
Progress Coach
This coach grants extra yard progress for each play​
Free Up to 24 hours 24:00H Icon diamonds.png 50
Special Coach
Increases the chance of winning the Daily Special​
Free Up to 24 hours 24:00H Icon diamonds.png 50
Coach 2.4.png
League Coach
Doubles the points earned towards the League Table​
Free Up to 24 hours 24:00H Icon diamonds.png 50
Coach 2.5.png
Ultimate Coach
Provides the bonuses of all the Coaches together​
Icon diamonds.png 150 Up to 24 hours 24:00H Free

League Ranking

Just like a real life sporting event, Forge Bowl has its own League Table! For every yard you move forward, your rank in the League will progress. With higher ranking comes greater rewards! At the end of the event, you will receive additional special rewards based on your ranking. It's definitely worth trying to aim for a higher rank to gain access to some awesome extra rewards!

League system.png

League Rewards

The leagues are split by a percentage of all players on the world. The Amateur League will be the Top 50%, the Bronze League will be the Top 25%, Silver has the Top 5% and Gold is the Top 1% of all players on your world.

As other players progress in the League, it is possible that you fall in your rankings, especially when many players play the event at the same time. As such, make sure to check your standings regularly. At the end of the event, you will get a message summarizing your position in the ranking.

Every rank in the League offers you different rewards in the Forge Bowl. The rewards will only be given, at the end of the event.

Rookie Reward
Rookie League
Amateur Reward
Amateur League
Bronze Reward
Bronze League
Small fp.png 10 Forge Points
Small fp.png 20 Forge Points
Reward icon one up kit 25px.png 1 One Up Kit
Small fp.png 50 Forge Points
Reward icon one up kit 25px.png 1 One Up Kit
T SS AllAge SportBonus20a.png 1 sentinel lvl. 1
Silver Reward
Silver League
Small fp.png 100 Forge Points
Reward icon one up kit 25px.png 1 One Up Kit

T SS AllAge SportBonus20b.png 1 sentinel lvl. 2
Selection kit.png 1 Terracotta Vineyard Upgrade Kits

Gold Reward
Gold League

Small fp.png 200 Forge Points
Reward icon one up kit 25px.png 1 One Up Kit

T SS AllAge SportBonus20b.png 1 sentinel lvl. 2
Selection kit.png 2 Terracotta Vineyard Upgrade Kits
Stephanie portrait.png 1 Stephanie Portrait

Forge Bowl Questline

There are 55 quests in total to complete and aid you in your progress towards getting all rewards and Footballs for this event! Each completed quest contributes to the counter at the bottom of the quest window, and you will unlock new prizes at 5, 15, 25, 40 & 55 quests!


Forge Bowl Rewards

Terracotta Vineyard

With Forge Bowl 2021 we are also introducing some new exciting buildings! The Grand Prize is the Terracotta Vineyard. You can get the level 1 building from the questline, and you can upgrade it all the way to the level 8. To do so, you need Terracotta Vineyard Upgrades Kits. You can get them from the questline itself, as well as from the Touchdown Rewards. The level 1 building will provide happiness, population and coins. From level 2 on it also generates medals. Level 3 adds goods to the mix. From level 4 on, the building will also provide Forge Points. The output increases further with upgrades.

Forgebowl21 terracottavineyard.gif
Grand Prize: The Terracotta Vineyard is an upgradable 5x3 residential building with 8 levels


Additionally, you will also have a chance to get four new 5x2 decorations:


Cypress Pass


Lavender Lawn

Olive Grove

They not only look great, but if you place them in front of the Terracotta Vineyard, they will also provide an additional bonus for the main building:

  • Cypress Pass - 8% attack for the attacking army​
  • Grapevines - 10 goods.​
  • Lavender Lawn - 4 Forge Points.​
  • Olive Grove - 8% defense for the attacking army​

Please note that you can place more than one of each field type. The available city space is the only limit :).

Forgebowl21 decorations.png

New Forge Bowl Avatars

As always, you'll get to show off your progress to your friends and neighbors, by obtaining these three new themed portraits:

Forge Bowl Reporter

Other Forge Bowl Buildings

That's not all! If you didn't have a chance to participate in our previous events, now you have an opportunity to claim some of those awesome past event items: The Colossus, Olympic Treasury, Sentinel Outpost and others!


The Colossus

Olympic Treasury

Sentinel Outpost - Lv. 1