Fellowship Event 2022

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'Welcome one and all. Let those whose hearts are true and brave draw them forth on this noble journey through perilous woods and treacherous fields! 'Tis I, Squire Primrose, your guide on this legendary quest. You will have the chance to meet many types of fellows who will assist you along the way. But first, let me explain what you'll need to embark on this most prestigious adventure!'

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How can I participate in the Fellowship Event?

Fellowship EventEntry.png

As soon as the Fellowship event begins, you can access the event window in the top left corner to start your grand quest!

The goal of the quest is to move your hero to the next city, and thereby gain get the grand prize! To make progress in this journey, you will click on a figurine (or a "Fellow").

Each Fellow will be different in terms of the distance it will provide, as well as the prize it will offer. To check which potential rewards are available from that Fellow, hover over them (or tap on them). Pick wisely!

Travel Rations

Hero rations package 1.pngHero rations package 2.pngHero rations package 3.png
To move to the next city, and towards the Fellow of your choice, you will need Travel Rations, which can be earned via quests. You can also get additional Travel Rations by logging in every day, as well as collecting some more from incidents. You’ll be able to complete 40 rush quests immediately, and receive another 21 quests on a daily basis.
HeroEvent BannerIncident 4k.png
While checking the outskirts of your city, you might come across these special incidents. They will provide you with additional Travel Rations!


You will have the assistance of five hero types. You can change your current hero type by clicking that portrait in the top left corner. There, you'll be able to select a hero who suits your current tactics best. There's also the Ultimate Hero, who provides all these advantages combined!

Hero Boost Cost Time active Cooldown Cooldown Cost
Default Hero
Provides a small chance to double a fellow reward​
Free Event 00:00H Free
Progress Hero
This hero grants extra mile for each fellow chosen​
Free Up to 24 hours 24:00H Icon diamonds.png 50
Special Hero
Increases the chance of winning the Daily Special​
Free Up to 24 hours 24:00H Icon diamonds.png 50
League Hero
Doubles the points earned towards the League Table​
Free Up to 24 hours 24:00H Icon diamonds.png 50
Ultimate Hero
Provides the bonuses of all the Hero types together​
Icon diamonds.png 150 Up to 24 hours 00:00H Free

League Ranking and Rewards

For every Fellow, you meet along your journey, they will join you in the next city to celebrate your arrival, thereby improving your rank in the League. With a higher ranking comes better rewards! At the end of the event, you will receive additional special rewards based on your ranking. Aim for a higher rank to gain access to some awesome extra rewards!


Hobby Amateur Bronze Silver Gold
10 Forge Points 20 Forge Points, One-up Kit 50 Forge Points, One-up Kit,Shrine of Knowledge 100 Forge Points, One-up Kit,Wishing Well, Heros tavern selection kit 200 Forge Points, One-up Kit,Wishing Well, 2 Heros tavern selection kit, Portrait: Sir Lionheart

Fellowship Event Questline

There are 61 quests in total to aid your progress. 40 rush quests, and then a further 21 Daily quests! Each completed quest contributes to the counter at the bottom of the quest window, and you will unlock new prizes at 5, 19, 33, 46 & 61 quests!

Questline Fellow2022.png

Fellowship Event Rewards

With this brand-new event, we're also introducing new, exciting buildings!

Heroes Tavern

Heroes Tavern (5x4) 10 level residential building
Heroes Tavern - Lv. 10
The event's main reward is the Heroes Tavern, a 10 level residential building! You can get the level 1 building from the quest line, and you can upgrade it all the way to the level 10. To do so, you need Heroes Tavern Upgrade Kits.

The base building provides coins, happiness and population. Level 2 adds forge points to the rewards. Level 6 will add a defending boost for your attacking army. Level 8 also include an attack boost for attacking army!

Hero knight south 00.png But that's not all! In addition to the rewards, a noble knight will start riding their horse through the streets of your city!


Heroes Tavern - Lv. 1

Heroes Tavern - Lv. 2

Heroes Tavern - Lv. 3

Heroes Tavern - Lv. 4

Heroes Tavern - Lv. 5

Heroes Tavern - Lv. 6

Heroes Tavern - Lv. 7

Heroes Tavern - Lv. 8

Heroes Tavern - Lv. 9

Fellowship Event Pass

With this event, we are also adding an event pass — The Hero Prizes! This is a special Premium option that you can purchase to get extra rewards with each Grand Prize you acquire in this event!

Hero Prizes.png

Claim.png Grand Prizes rewards are not granted automatically. They have to claimed separately by clicking (or tapping) on the "See Prizes" (or "Claim") button below the progress bar. There you will be taken to a separate window where you can claim your rewards!
FlowerM.png In addition, there will also be an exclusive building available only in the Hero Prizes, the Flower Maidens! This 1-level building will provide a nice defensive boost for your attacking army, and 3 Forge Points!!

Fellowship Event Avatars

As always, you'll get to show off your progress to your friends and neighbors, by obtaining these 4 new themed portraits:

FellowAvatar1.png FellowAvatar2.png FellowAvatar3.png FellowAvatar4.png

Rewards from previous Events

That's not all! You will, you have an opportunity to claim some of these awesome past event items: Suishun Mill, Hanami Bridge, even the Stage of Ages along with many others!