Balloon Flight

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Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier were two brothers from France who invented the hot air balloon.

The creativity of the two brothers changed the way we move, paving the way for airplanes and even space exploration! Their genius lifted civilization to another level.​

This historical questline presented the story of the brilliant Montgolfier brothers, the creators of one of the most important inventions of the of XVIII century - the Hot Air Balloon. It showed their journey from the very beginning of the idea, which came from watching laundry drying over a fire, to their flight with human passengers.

This questline was available from November 17th to November 24th 2016, and players who were able to complete the quests on time got a brand new cultural building: Balloon Site, in addition to portraits of both Montgolfier brothers.

The Balloon Site is the second building of our 'Baroque garden set', which you can only get by completing historical questlines.