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'An ancient tomb awaits brave explorers. Dust off your Shovel, Brush and Dynamite and be prepared to delve into the depths of a cave filled with riches.'

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How can I participate in the Archaeology Event?


To begin your excavation, select the Archaeology banner in the game. Once the Archaeology Event has started, you can access the event window. Grab your Shovel, and let's go!

Uncovering the relics

Upon opening the event window, you will see the cave's layout ready for you to explore. Use the different tools available to you to clear sand from tiles, and advance your way further into the cave.

Three different tools can be used to uncover the hidden treasures of the cave.

35px archeology tool brush without shadow.pngBrush Use the Brush to remove sand from a tile. The Brush can only be used on sand tiles, and only clears one tile at a time.
35px archeology tool shovel without shadow.pngShovel Use the Shovel on an empty tile to clear all the sand in this column! However, if a rock tile is blocking the way, sand behind it cannot be cleared with this tool!
35px archeology tool dynamite without shadow.pngDynamite Use Dynamite on an empty tile to clear all of the surrounding tiles. Keep in mind however that rock tiles cannot be destroyed with Dynamite!

To collect an uncovered prize, click on it with no tool selected. Alternatively, uncovered prizes will automatically be collected when they get pushed out of the event window. Keep in mind however that still covered prizes will not be collected this way!

Getting more tools

You can find more tools in the tomb itself, but there is also a way to exchange your event scrolls for more tools. Press the Link=-Button to open the Tool Shop. Here, you can either purchase single tools for your scrolls or buy bundles that give you a better deal!

Tool Shop.png

Scrolls themselves can be gained as a daily login bonus and from Quests in the Archaeology Event.


Many different treasures await you on your way through the tomb, but they are buried in the sand. To see them, the light of your exploration needs to fall on the sand tiles. If they're in darkness still, you won't be able to see if a sand tile contains and treasures.

Before After

As you uncover tiles, you will be in with a chance to unveil a vase, more tools (Brushes, Shovels and Dynamite) to aid your progress, or coveted Golden Idols. Hover your mouse over vases to find out what is on offer in each one. Once you've uncovered a reward fully, click on it to claim your prize. Be careful! Make sure you don't advance deeper into the tunnel without uncovering the rewards you want. Once you go too far, there is no going back, and you'll lose sight of the reward.

Reward icon grand prize archeology event.png Gold Idols are a special prize to uncover that will bring you closer to the Grand Prize reward. Once you reach 20 Gold Idols, you will receive the Grand Prize which is displayed at the top of the event window.
ToolCollection.png Tools can also be found among the buried treasures. You can find all the tools of the event!
Archeology chest 12.png Vases come in a variety of different styles. Once uncovered, they will have a random reward for you and provide the chance to win the Daily Special. Tapping the buried vase or hovering the mouse over it also reveals what it may contain.

Archaeology Event Questline

There are 60 quests in total to aid your progress. 38 rush quests, and then a further 22 Daily quests! Each completed quest contributes to the counter at the bottom of the quest window, and you will unlock new prizes at 5, 15, 30, 45 & 60 quests!


Archaeology Event Rewards

World's Fair

In your quest to become a world renowned Archaeologist, you'll find you need somewhere to display your finds to the public. What better way than holding an exhibition in your very own World's Fair. World's Fair is an upgradable building with 10 levels to be unlocked. At level 10, the building produces Coins, and gives population, as well as giving Goods and Forge Points when motivated.

Upgrade kit worlds fair.png To upgrade the World's Fair, you have to use the World's Fair Upgrade Kit. These Kits can be obtained in the Archaeology quest line and as part of the Grand Prize.

World's Fair - Lv. 1

World's Fair - Lv. 2

World's Fair - Lv. 3

World's Fair - Lv. 4

World's Fair - Lv. 5

World's Fair - Lv. 6

World's Fair - Lv. 7

World's Fair - Lv. 8

World's Fair - Lv. 9

World's Fair - Lv. 10




The Carousel is a new building in the Event that can be won as a Daily Special. Aside from Happiness, it also provides your city's defense with a defensive boost and your attacking army with an attack boost!

Archaeology Event Avatars

There are two avatars which can be obtained during the Spring Event questline.

Eliza Eliza Henry Henry

Archeology avatar frame sand.png Look out explorers! In this event, even avatars of the past can sometimes be uncovered in the tomb!
Summer 2014 Summer 2014 Summer 2014 Summer 2014 Summer 2015 Summer 2015 Summer 2015 Summer 2017
Portrait 119.png Portrait 121.png Portrait 120.png Portrait 123.png All Player Avatars SUM15 180x180px JONES.png All Player Avatars SUM15 180x180px DELILAH.png All Player Avatars SUM15 180x180px RAJAH.png All Player Avatars SUM2017 180x180px MAHARANI.png
Amelia David Jane Makeda Jones Delilah Radjah Rani

The Daily Special

Finally, the Daily Special is a special reward that can be among the vases. It is available for only a limited time and shown on the upper right of the Event Window.