Antiques Dealer exclusives

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Antiques Dealer exclusives

At the Antiques Dealer, it is also possible to get items that cannot be obtained in other ways in the game. These rewards are unique to the Antiques Dealer and can only be obtained in the Antiques Dealer Shop and through Auctions.

The Shrine of Knowledge upgrade kit

Upgrade kit shrine of knowledge.png

The Shrine of Knowledge upgrade kit will upgrade your existing Shrine of Knowledge to a Shrine of Knowledge - Lvl. 2! With this upgrade, your building will produce even more coins and, if motivated, 2 Forge Points.

KA Upgrade.png

The Art Exhibition Selection kit

The Art Exhibition Selection kit is exclusively available at the Antiques Dealer, gives you either a level 1 Art Exhibition building or an Upgrade Kit!

Upgrade kit art exhibition.png

When you use The Art Exhibition Selection kit, a window will open that allows you to either upgrade one of your existing Art Exhibitions or build a new Level 1 Art Exhibition Building. Choose "Build" and you can directly place the building in your city. Choose "Upgrade" and you can upgrade an existing building in your city.

Art Exhibition.png

The Art Exhibition is a 4x4 special building that can be upgraded up to Lvl. 8! This building grants you Happiness, Population, and Coins, but when motivated it also provides Supplies, 25 Goods and 10 Forge Points!


Art Exhibition - Lv. 1

Art Exhibition - Lv. 2

Art Exhibition - Lv. 3

Art Exhibition - Lv. 4

Art Exhibition - Lv. 5

Art Exhibition - Lv. 6

Art Exhibition - Lv. 7

Art Exhibition - Lv. 8