Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was one of a kind - he was a thinker, physicist, pacifist, dreamer, and much more. His general theory of relativity paved the way for modern physics and changed the way how we think about space and time!​

Einstein's legacy of more than 300 scientific papers and his brilliance have inspired the generations and continue today, extending far beyond the realms of theoretical physics alone.​

The Albert Einstein historical questline, as the name might indicate, was about one of the greatest minds of all times. It told the story of the author of the most groundbreaking papers that changed theoretical physics forever, and as a result got him a Nobel Prize.

This questline was available from March 13th to March 20th in 2017. Those who followed Einstein's story and completed all of the quests on time received a brand new residential building: Checkmate Square, as well as a portrait of Albert Einstein himself.

The Checkmate Square is the fourth building of our 'Baroque Garden Set', which you can only get by completing historical questlines.