Valentine's Day

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Eternal Tree of Love.png

When February comes up love is in the air! Across your empire poets are scribbling new expressions of love, while bards are humming romantic melodies in your city streets. But all is not well in the land, so it's time for you to be a hero! A hero for couples in despair, who need your help! Be it Romeo and Juliet, Rose and Jack, Robin and Marian (or the Sheriff!) or Clepoatra and Cesar (or Alexander!) - there is always someone in despair... Reunite the pairs!

Details of Valentine's Day Event

  1. You can win a Tree of Love.
  2. There are basically 3 questgivers (depend of the story choose by the game).
  3. Sometimes different endings are possible, depending on your choices in quests.
  4. There are also avatars to be won. Those you will win depend of your choices.
  5. The Eternal Tree of Love can be won as a reward only if you have the Great Tree of Love. If you don't have it, you can get it, provided that you have the "regular" Tree of Love. If you don't have it either, you can get it in the event.
  6. If you already own the Eternal Tree of Love, it won't grow further, but you will get Renovation Kit instead, so that you can upgrade it to your current era.