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The settings menu is where you find the game and profile settings.

In game settings

The settings on the first tab: This is where you will find the Diamond Confirmation Use setting as well as several display settings. If you are playing on an older unit it may be a good idea to turn off some of the animations

Settings 1.PNG

Setting icon.PNG Animations. Turn the city, inhabitants, maps animations, on and off.
DiamondUse.PNG Diamond use confirmation. Get a warning before using Diamonds!
Icon unattached.PNG Highlighting of unattached units in the army management

On the second part of this tab, you will find buttons to the Wiki, Forum, Support and social media.

Settings 1b.PNG

Email and passsword settings

The second tab: This is where you can change your email adress and password Settings 2.PNG

Game version and information

The third tab: version and game information

Settings 3.PNG