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Negotiation Game was first introduced in the Guild Expedition Feature, as an alternative peaceful way to solve an encounter, but now is also available in Guild Battlegrounds or as a request to fulfill a quest .

In this mini game, you need to find out the hidden combination of goods you need to pay to the inhabitants to let you take the encounter or sector under your control. You have three free attempts to complete the negotiation game. If you fail, you need to either pay 10 diamonds to buy an additional attempt or abort the negotiation game by losing any goods you've spent so far.

Entering the minigame

When you hit the Negotiate button for the first time, you will see that you get approached by five inhabitants. They will each want a specific resource from you, but they will not tell you which one! You will be able to select and offer resources to them:


Once you have selected the resources, you can hit the 'Negotiate' button (at this point 1 attempt will be withdrawn). Keep in mind that you will also be giving away these resources to the locals from your personal stock. The locals will then provide you with feedback on your guess, which will look like this:


Correct - your offer was accepted! However, other locals may also want this resource (though not necessarily).
Wrong Person - your offer was rejected. But at least one other local is searching for this resource!
Incorrect - your offer was rejected, and no local needs this resource (it will also be grayed out in the resource selection window on your next turn).

Once you've spent all 3 turns, you can only buy a turn with diamonds or give up the attempt and come back at a later time. If you decide to give up and try again later, the set of resources you can choose from will remain the same, but who wants what among the locals will be randomly changed.

Selecting the first resources

Clicking on a "select resource" button below an inhabitant will open an overlay that shows which resources could be needed in the minigame. The current slot is highlighted while selecting the goods next to the picture of the resource. There is an indicator showing how many of that resource you need and have, e.g.: 2/24:


Clicking on one of these resources here will close the overlay and put that specific resource on the specific slot. If you don't have enough of a specific good you can still put it in the slot, but in that case you'll need to buy the missing resources with Diamonds when attempting the negotiation. Clicking on the next slot, will close the overlay without any resources being selected. You need to chose one resource to offer to each one of five inhabitants in order to be able to press the negotiation button.


Offering resources

When all 5 slots have been filled with resources, the formerly greyed out button at the bottom turns orange and now you can start the "Negotiation". As mentioned above, if you're missing some of the resources that have been put in the slots, the "Negotiate" button will be yellow and feature an additional Diamond cost. Clicking on the "Negotiate" button for the first time will start the negotiation attempt. The resources in the slots are removed from your stock (or bought with premium are immediately spent), even though it is the wrong resource or wrong person. The inhabitant's feedback will pop up and the attempted resources (and colour code feedback) will stack up in a special slot that serves as a helper for you.

The slots that have not been accepted by the inhabitants are empty and the "Negotiate" button is greyed out again. You need to repeat the same procedure until you find the right combination to complete and win the negotiation game.

Feedback from the inhabitants

According to the offered goods/resources, the inhabitants will give you feedback whether the offered resource is correct or not. If the offered good is correct, it will read "Correct" and the "select resource" button will be exchanged with a green checkmark. You don't have to worry about that inhabitant any more, you only need to solve the remaining negotiation in the upcoming turns. If the offered good is not needed by ANY inhabitant, it will read "No One Needs This" and it will also be disabled in the selection overlay, which means it can not be attempted again in this game. This check will only take inhabitants into account that are not yet solved! (even in the same turn)

example 1:

  • exactly 0 inhabitants want Honey
  • you give Honey to one or more inhabitants, they all say "No One Needs This"


example 2:

  • exactly 1 inhabitant wants Honey
  • you give this inhabitant Honey, he says "Correct!" and is solved
  • if you now offer Honey to one of the 4 remaining inhabitants, they would say "No One Needs This"
  • if the specific inhabitant doesn't need the resource, but a different inhabitant (or multiple inhabitants) need it, it will read "Wrong Person"
  • this check will only take inhabitants into account that are not yet solved! (even in the same turn)


  • exactly 1 inhabitant wants Honey
  • you offer Honey to 2 other inhabitants
  • both of them now will say "Wrong Person"
  • it is possible that not all goods that could be selected in the game are actually needed in the game
  • it is possible that 2 or more inhabitants want the same resource