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Sometimes when completing a Cultural Settlement, you will unlock Emissaries. Emissaries are honored guests from your settlement, who take up residence in your main city's Town Hall. When they are assigned to your Town Hall, they will to grant special bonuses. These bonuses are granted every day, when you collect from your Town Hall.

Each Emissary gives a different bonus. In the example below, you can see that Emissaries give you rewards such as Forge Points, Medals, or even a unit from your current era! Upon unlocking your first Emissary, you also unlock your first Emissary slot. More slots will become available as you complete more rounds of the Viking Cultural Settlements, but you can also purchase new slots with Diamonds if you want to! Not every new Emissary unlocked will also unlock a slot, so choose wisely!


Viking Emissaries

There are 6 Emissaries in total available in the Vikings Cultural Settlement.

Harald Hardrada Erik the Red Leif Erikson
All Player Avatars COP1-180x180px HARALD.png
All Player Avatars COP1-180x180px ERIK.png
All Player Avatars COP1-180x180px LEIF.png
1 Forge Point Medals (scales with age) Supplies (scales with age)

Freydís Eiríksdóttir Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir Aud the Deep-Minded
All Player Avatars COP1-180x180px FREYDIS.png
All Player Avatars COP1-180x180px GUDRID.png
All Player Avatars COP1-180x180px AUD.png
Coins (scales with age) 1 Unit (of your age) 2 Goods (of your age)

Japanese Emissaries

There are 4 Emissaries in total available in the Feudal Japan Cultural Settlement.

Oda Nobunaga Tomoe Gozen
Outpost emissaries japanese nobunaga.png
Outpost emissaries japanese gozen.png
1 Forge Point 1 unit from your age

Takeda Shingen Oda Oichi
Outpost emissaries japanese shingen.png
Outpost emissaries japanese oichi.png
2 goods from your age 1 Forge Point

Ancient Egypt Emissaries

There are 4 Emissaries in total available in the Ancient Egypt Cultural Settlement.

Euclid of Alexandria Mentuhotep Hemetre Maatkare Mutemhat
Outpost emissaries egypt euclid of alexandria.png
Outpost emissaries egypt mentuhotep.png
Outpost emissaries egypt hemetre.png
Outpost emissaries egypt maatkare mutemhat.png
1 Forge Point Supplies (scales with age) 3 Goods (from your age) 2 Units (from your age)

Aztec Emissaries

Last but not least, the Aztecs settlement have their own Emissaries who will come to your main city and sit in your Town Hall to grant you special bonuses. There are 4 new Emissaries in total and they can be obtained as a reward for finishing 2, 6, 9, and 12 playthroughs in the Aztecs settlement.

Chimalli Ichtaca
1 Forge Point Supplies (scales with age)

Amoxtli Acamapichtli
1 Unit (from your age) 2 Random Goods (from your age)