Unit Types

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In each age, there are five different military buildings that produce the different units of that time. The units differ in their type: There are fast units, light and heavy units and units with short or long ranged attacks.

Icon reward military unit fast.png Fast units have a good range of movement, but they cannot take much damage. They are a great way to take out ranged units.

Icon reward military unit light infantry.png The light units are genuine all-rounders: they are fast, inflict good damage and can withstand a lot. They are best at intercepting enemy cavalry.

Icon reward military unit heavy infantry.png The heavy units are slow and heavily armored. They are formidable opponents when they make it into close combat; there they outmatch any other unit.

Icon reward military unit short range.png Short ranged units are fast and can attack from a distance, and their attack does significant damage. However, they cannot defend themselves and are easy prey for all units which manage to attack them in close combat.

Icon reward military unit long range.png Artillery units are lost in close-range combat. They are very slow and have a weak attack. Their big advantage is that they can cover almost the entire battle map with their attack and are able to selectively attack almost every unit.