Tour de France

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Le Tour de France, is the first of 3 Grand Tours, together with Vuelta and Giro d’Italia. It’s probably the most known and important bicycle race of the season.

Maurice-François Garin was the first winner of the legendary Tour de France bicycle race, the first and the most famous Grand Tour which attracts people from all over the world!​

The Tour de France historical questline was based on the very beginnings of the famous Tour de France, telling us the story of its first ever winner - Maurice-François Garin. Those following the story would learn the purpose behind the creation of the Tour de France race, how it all came to be, details about the competition, the official and unofficial rules, and of course the victory of Maurice-François.

This questline was available from January 16th to January 25th in 2017. The skillful players who were able to complete all of the quests on time received a brand new residential building: Kiosk, as well as a portrait of Maurice-François himself.

The Kiosk is the third building of our 'Baroque Garden Set', which you can only get by completing historical questlines.