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On the battle map, there are different types of terrain. Forest, bushes, rocks, hills, plains and swamps are some of them. Terrain has two different effects in the game: Firstly, it affects movement. Water areas are impassable, and other types of terrain costs extra movement points when they are crossed. On the other hand, terrain can give battle bonuses: light melee units get defense bonuses in bushes and forests, heavy melee units are better protected in plains, long-range units receive an attack bonus when they shoot from hills, whereas those with short range attacks deal more damage standing on rocks. Only fast units do not receive benefits through the terrain.

Barbwire.png Barb Wire

Bushes.png Bushes

Crater.png Crater

Sandbagcircle.png Entrenchement

Forest.png Forest

Hills.png Hills

Housebattle.png House

Water1.png Lake

Plain.png Plain

Rocks.png Rocks

Rubble.png Rubble

Swamp.png Swamp

Trench.png Trench