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Ahoy, mateys and scallywags! Batten down the hatches, hoist the Jolly Roger, and set sail for a swashbuckling adventure on the High Seas as the Summer Event returns with a twist for 2024!!


Welcome to the 2024 Summer Event! Prepare to make berth once again at our secret pirate hideaway deep in the Caribbean, where you can spend your golden Doubloons to win a trove of prizes! Roll the dice and reap rewards that'll make you the talk of the seven seas for years to come!

How does the Summer Event work?

The Shuffle Board​

To kick off the fun you'll need to amass Doubloons from quests and incidents that pop up in your city. These precious Doubloons are your key to flipping tiles on the mysterious shuffle board that lies ahead.

Each treasure laden tile costs 10 Doubloons to reveal. Fear not, for each tile flipped will also automatically grant you a toss of the Chips. Three Chips will be thrown in total, and when the Chips fall heads up, count yourself lucky, for they shall grant you progress towards the most sought-after treasure of them all: the Grand Prize!

Image-2023-4-10 17-28-30.png

The Super Board​

This year, we be unveilin' a shiny new treasure: the Super Board! Plunder Golden Dragons from a regular Shuffle Board 3 times to uncover a Super Board!

Reward icon pirate superboard key.png

These turbocharged planks be havin' no Shuffle, but instead boast TWO Show Two and Double Payout tiles as well as two Daily Specials, along with enhanced rewards and accelerated Grand Prize progress.! Ye'll set sail with one booster each, then set yer sights on the Rival Challenge to seize more boosters!


The Boosters​

Pirate icon booster cannon.png
Cannon Ball
Destroys tiles on the board that contain filler rewards or a shuffle.

Special tiles like show two, double payout, daily special, calendar key or the golden dragon can't be destroyed. But be aware! Destroyed tiles won't grant you any reward, but it will increase your chance of finding something more valuable down the line.

Pirate icon booster treasure.png
Bounty Amplifier
The next tile that you open costs no doubloons and doubles the rewards of the next tile that you open.

On top of that it will reveal two more tiles on the board. You can combine the bounty amplifier together with other special tiles on the board, so be sure to use it wisely to gain a lot of treasure!

Pirate icon booster spyglass.png
Reveals any special tiles like shuffle, show two and double payout that are on the board.
You can use it to either avoid the shuffle, if you want to finish the board quickly or the cleverly use the other special tiles to gain the maximum rewards from this board.

Tips and Tricks

Make use of new Boosters!

These new boosters are all available in the Rival Event, so don't delay and complete as many Rival Event quests as possible when they appear!
Want to maximize your moves? Activate the Spyglass Booster. This booster will unmask all the Shuffle, x2 and Show Two tiles on your current board. With this booster you can choose which order you use these tiles to maximize your prizes! For an extra powerful boost, use this on a Super Board!
No Doubloons left? No problem! Use the Bounty Amplifier booster to uncover a tile for free. This tile will also be doubled AND you'll also reveal two hidden tiles on the board.

Too many tiles, too little time? Break out the Cannon Ball booster! Destroy a random tile containing a filler reward or Shuffle.

Pirate icon booster cannon.png

Remember the Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are a part of this Event as well. Every day you have the option to choose the Event chest, providing Doubloons. Completing the challenges might give you the extra edge you needed.

Incidents are important too Not only Daily Challenges provide a reward for the Event, Incidents in and around your city do the same. They have a chance to provide you with some extra Doubloons to flip more tiles!

Consider the Calendar Are you determined to win the ​final Calendar reward? Remember that once ​you have ​won the Turquoise Key for today's date, after this you only win Key Parts! It is much more cost effective to win the whole key than to assemble key parts for missed days, so try to win one key a day to maximize your chances of winning the Calendar Chest!

The Treasure Maps

Keep a weather eye open, for among the tiles on the shuffle board lies a prize most coveted: Treasure Maps! You can get them on the following rewards: Shuffle, the x2 and the Reveal. You can easily identify them since there will be an additional Treasure Map icon on those rewards, as you can see from the screenshot down below.

Image-2023-4-11 14-21-19.png

Each Treasure Map leads to a bonus prize. Choose between two tantalizing options to add that prize to your hoard.


At any moment, or when your pile of Treasure Maps is full, you can dig up that buried treasure using diamonds to collect the rewards. To get the best deal, wait until you will have collected the max amount of Treasure Maps before claiming your rewards!

Find yourself torn between these two rewards? You can pay the diamond fee to claim both! And should the wind not blow in your favour with your prize options, you can use the swap to re-roll each one of them.

The Sailmaker’s Workshop

With Treasure Maps you can also win a Sailmaker's Workshop offering a boost not only to yer armies, but the chance to keep building up the Grand Prize by collecting fragments! Level it up to a max of 4 levels for the biggest boost possible!

Sailmaker’s Workshop - Lv. 1 (2x2) Sailmaker’s Workshop - Lv. 2 (2x2) Sailmaker’s Studio (2x2) Sailmaker’s Atelier (2x2)
Sailmakers Workshop1.png SailmakerWorkshop 2.png SailmakerStudio.png SailmakerAtelier.png

The Daily Calendar

Every day contains a new reward! Uncover all the daily prizes in the Summer Calendar for extra loot from the Aztec Chest. Win the Turquoise Key each day to unlock the day's Calendar window. Once ye have won a full key, ye'll collect Turquoise Key Parts instead, which ye can assemble to unlock missed days! If fortune favors ye with double keys from the x2, ye'll earn a bonus Turquoise Key Part.


In the chest you can also get a new unique reward: Captain Bao's Warehouse! This 3x4 building is a calendar exclusive reward.

Captain Bao's Warehouse 3x4

The Leagues

What self respectin' pirate doesn't like to toss chips with their peers? With the League you can measure progress against yer fellow buccaneers and win extra swag the higher you place!

This years exclusive Gold League reward is the The Jade Booty Bar

The Jade Booty Bar

Summer Event Rewards

The Dragon’s Breath

Feast yer eyes on a ship to put fear in the hearts of yer enemies! Win this beauty and much more in the pirating event of the season!

The Dragon’s Breath
Reward icon upgrade kit SUM24A-eeb578351.png A Level 1 The Dragon’s Breath can be found as the first grand prize reward of the questline and can then be upgraded using Dragon’s Breath Upgrade Kits.
Dragon’s Breath - Lv. 1
Dragon’s Breath - Lv. 2
Dragon’s Breath - Lv. 3
Dragon’s Breath - Lv. 4
Dragon’s Breath - Lv. 5
Dragon’s Breath - Lv. 6
Dragon’s Breath - Lv. 7
Dragon’s Breath - Lv. 8
Dragon’s Breath - Lv. 9

Silver Dragon’s Breath Crimson Dragon’s Breath
Link= Use the Silver Upgrade Kit to upgrade your Dragon’s Breath to the Silver Dragon’s Breath. Link= Use the Golden Upgrade Kit to upgrade the Silver Dragon’s Breath to the Crimson Dragon’s Breath.


The Golden Dragon Gong

Available from:

  • The Calendar Chest
  • The League rewards
  • The Gold Pass

Golden Dragon Gong - Lv. 1 (1x1) Golden Dragon Gong - Lv. 2 (1x1) Ascended Golden Dragon Gong (1x1)

Zheng's Golden Bell

Available from:

  • The Calendar Chest
  • The League rewards
  • The Silver Pass

Zheng's Golden Bell - Lv. 1 (1x1) Zheng's Golden Bell - Lv. 2 (1x1) Ascended Zheng's Golden Bell (1x1)


Finally, no new event would be perfect without new avatars!

Adrie Adrian Castillo Thomas Kay Marie Miguel Zheng Yi Sao Captain Bao
Avatar1.png Avatar2.png Castillo.png Thomas.png Kay.png Marie24.png Miguel.png ZhengYiSao.png Bao.png

Quest reward

Quest reward

League reward

Calendar reward

Pass Event reward

Silver pass reward

Silver pass reward

Gold Pass reward

Gold Pass reward