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When you reach the Future era, you will begin to discover alternative versions of the future. You'll first notice a construction site at the beginning of each version. They will appear outside of your city. As a construction site it will not yet be functional, you will need to unlock a technology in each Future version. Once built, these settlements allow you to launch expeditions for the production of special goods. For an expedition you will have to hire a crew aboard your conveyance. You will also ensure that your transportation is properly maintained to maximize the performance of your shipments. But beware, each crew member will have specific skills, so you have to choose them according to the purpose you're targeting. Also repairs the vehicle will cost you goods. Finally, be aware that you will be able to update your extraction site by unlocking a technology. This will allow you, for example, to hire an additional crew member or have more crew members. Below you will find the various special goods you can produce (click on the desired one for more details).

Special Good Era Description
Promethium Arctic Future
Hub main icon promethium.png
Orichalcum Oceanic Future