Special Abilities

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There are some units in the game that add a further layer of tactical options to the players by featuring special skills.

Blast.png Blast: Gains increased damage output for each tile closer to the target and ignores Stealth.

Call of duty.png Call of Duty: Grants attack and defense bonus to all friendly units when this unit is killed. Only applicable once.

Chivalry.png Chivalry: Gains bonus to attack and defense when it is the only unit with chivalry in your army.

Close quarters.png Close Quarters: Gains attack bonus when attacking an adjacent field.

Contact.png Contact!: Always retaliates against attacks within range.

Dragon breath.png Dragon Breath: Attacks a row of enemies up to two tiles behind the target enemy without receiving retaliation.

Dug in.png Dug-In: Receives defense increase when enemy is more than 2 tiles away from it.

Flying.png Flying: Cannot be attacked by artillery units. Ignores terrain when moving.

Force field.png Force Field: Absorbs damage points, up to a minimum of 1 damage point.

Frenzy.png Frenzy: Deals damage to the enemy units within 1 tile range of unit on top of damaging targeted unit.

Heat.png Heat: Reduces attack of target

Last stand.png Last Stand: Gains attack and defense bonus for every unit with last stand that is killed.

Mirv.png MIRV: Hits targeted unit and between 1 and 3 additional units in range.

Morale.png Morale: All friendly units start a battle with 1 point of armor. Does not stack.

Mortar.png Mortar: Its shots also cause 50% damage to the units within a tile/tiles range around the target unit.

One shot.png One-Shot: Is removed from battle after attacking. Dies when battle is lost.

Poison.png Poison: 50% chance of poisoning unit it attacks. Poisoned units lose 1 HP every turn.

Power shot.png Power Shot: Ignores defensive skills and terrain.

Paratrooper.png Rapid Deployment: Starts the battle in a random field on the map. Acts before any other unit.

Rally.png Rally: All friendly units start a battle with extra % attack and defense bonus. This ability does not stack.

Reactive armor.png Reactive Armor: Cannot take more than 4 damage per attack.

Recharge.png Recharge: Fires every other turn only.

Rogue.png Secret Identity: Ignores first damage and transforms into another unit of your army. Dies instead, if you have no unit without secret identity remaining.

Stealth.png Stealth (hides in terrains): When standing in varies with terrains, they can only be damaged by adjacent melee attacks.

Swarm.png Swarm: Units with Swarm get a bonus in defence when they are adjacent to other units with Swarm. Defence bonus stacks

Keen eye.png Keen Eye: Upon attacking, provides a X% chance of doubling the damage on enemy units of any era.