Province Rewards

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  • Table Legend
Bronze Age Iron Age Early Middle Age
High Middle Age Late Middle Age Colonial Age
Industrial Age Progressive Era Modern Era
Postmodern Era Contemporary Era Tomorrow Era
The Future Arctic Future

Bazaar 1.png
Bazaar 0.png
Small medal.pngExpansion icon.png
Bazaar 4.png
Small diamond.png
Dunarsund Good Bonus
Fel Dranghyr 1Expansion icon.png
BA tower.png
Hymir Good Bonus
IA tower.png
Paruuch Good Bonus
Ruug 800Icon coins.png 800Icon supplies.png
Karchagu 1Expansion icon.png
East-Nagach Good Bonus
West-Nagach 1400Icon coins.png 1400Icon supplies.png
Maktaba 1Expansion icon.png
EMA tower.png
Dunkelwald Good Bonus
Griefental 1Expansion icon.png
Sturmhohen Good Bonus
Kaltenweiher 2500Icon coins.png 2500Icon supplies.png
Teufelsfurt 3000Icon coins.png 3000Icon supplies.png
Felssenke 1Expansion icon.png
Galgenschlucht 4000Icon coins.png 4000Icon supplies.png 10Small medal.png
Todepass 4500Icon coins.png 4500Icon supplies.png 15Small medal.png
Steilsturz 5000Icon coins.png 5000Icon supplies.png 15Small medal.png
Tarmelmann 5000Icon coins.png 5000Icon supplies.png 20Small medal.png 100Small diamond.png
Breturia Good Bonus
EMA tower.png
Veletrites 5000Icon coins.png 5000Icon supplies.png
Frathia 1Expansion icon.png
Mons Suiry Good Bonus
Jaims 15000Icon coins.png 15000Icon supplies.png
Moravaria 1Expansion icon.png
LMA tower.png
Eldenborough Good Bonus
Cuttingham 1Expansion icon.png
Spearth 1Expansion icon.png
Wolvhampton Good Bonus
FourGallows 10500Icon coins.png 10500Icon supplies.png
Mount Killmore 1Expansion icon.png
RavensCreek 7500Icon coins.png 7500Icon supplies.png 25Small medal.png
Houndsmoor 7500Icon coins.png 7500Icon supplies.png 15Small medal.png 15Paper icon.png
Zaldon-on-Sea 7500Icon coins.png 7500Icon supplies.png 15Small medal.png 20Coffee icon.png
Grand Cap 7500Icon coins.png 7500Icon supplies.png 30Small medal.png 100Small diamond.png
Northcastle 7500Icon coins.png 7500Icon supplies.png 25Small medal.png 20Porcelain icon.png
Queenshope 7500Icon coins.png 7500Icon supplies.png 25Small medal.png 20Wire icon.png
Ashcrook 7500Icon coins.png 7500Icon supplies.png 25Small medal.png 20Tar icon.png
Col tower.png
Lavignon 20000Icon coins.png 20000Icon supplies.png
Troulope Good Bonus
Deuxerres 20000Icon coins.png 20000Icon supplies.png
Lombardeaux Good Bonus
Pisterrac 1Expansion icon.png
Varseille 20000Icon coins.png 20000Icon supplies.png
Haulenois 1Expansion icon.png
NewCragshire 40000Icon coins.png 40000Icon supplies.png
Ind tower.png
Rantford Good Bonus
Desperation 1Expansion icon.png
St.Marque 40000Icon coins.png 40000Icon supplies.png
Las Penas Good Bonus
DragonCity 40000Icon coins.png 40000Icon supplies.png
Garrincton 1Expansion icon.png
ElFuego 80000Icon coins.png 80000Icon supplies.png 150Small medal.png 150Small diamond.png
SantaCatalina 60000Icon coins.png 60000Icon supplies.png 100Small medal.png
Dorango 70000Icon coins.png 70000Icon supplies.png 100Small medal.png
Nevarrone 50000Icon coins.png 50000Icon supplies.png 100Small medal.png
Embruniez 60000Icon coins.png 60000Icon supplies.png 150Small medal.png
Gabordeaux 70000Icon coins.png 70000Icon supplies.png 150Small medal.png
Ydine 100000Icon coins.png 100000Icon supplies.png 200Small medal.png
Wenoevre 1Expansion icon.png
Prog tower.png
Omoien 7000Icon coins.png 7000Icon supplies.png
Uxrow 75000Icon coins.png 25000Icon supplies.png
Gaelford Good Bonus
Sud 125000Icon coins.png 150Small medal.png
Kriegreich Good Bonus
Ostrand 90000Icon coins.png 50000Icon supplies.png
Langenreich 1Expansion icon.png
Uceria 50000Icon coins.png 50000Icon supplies.png
Gorski 1Expansion icon.png
Inashu 75000Icon coins.png 75000Icon supplies.png
Mod tower.png
Chigikawa 1Expansion icon.png
Igujima Good Bonus
Kyushima 25 Paper icon.png Coffee icon.png Tar icon.png Porcelain icon.png Wire icon.png
Igioka 115000Icon coins.png 115000Icon supplies.png 250Small medal.png
Igamoto Good Bonus
Higematsu 125000Icon coins.png 125000Icon supplies.png 250Small medal.png
Kibakuguchi 135000Icon coins.png 135000Icon supplies.png 250Small medal.png
Hiromaguchi 1Expansion icon.png
Toimuro 150000Icon coins.png 150000Icon supplies.png 200Small diamond.png
PMod tower.png
SotDamLay 150000Icon coins.png 150000Icon supplies.png
DayDuAo 180000Icon coins.png 180000Icon supplies.png
TrungDoi 200000Icon coins.png 200000Icon supplies.png
KhayHuyenBayGio Good Bonus
RungTrai 100Small diamond.png
RungChienDau Good Bonus
GiaiCuuBinhMinh 60000Icon coins.png 60000Icon supplies.png
PhucKich 80000Icon coins.png 80000Icon supplies.png
MauMatDat 1Expansion icon.png
DongBangSong 100Small diamond.png
OngChuCuoiCung 1Expansion icon.png
Amaryah City
CE tower.png
Batif 200000Icon coins.png 200000Icon supplies.png
Hafar Al Karak 350000Icon coins.png 350000Icon supplies.png
Al-Shadyra 500000Icon coins.png 500000Icon supplies.png
Salfah Good Bonus
Ain Al-Khansa 1Expansion icon.png
Suqqah 1000000Icon supplies.png
Shayhour 250000Icon coins.png 250000Icon supplies.png 400Small medal.png
Kardad 20Magnet factory.pngLng.pngPlastics plant.pngRobotics factory.pngBionics research lab.png
Qumeira 150Small diamond.png
Jandahar 1Expansion icon.png
Tom tower.png
Villabaja 150000Icon coins.png 230000Icon supplies.png
Itabarai 160000Icon coins.png 220000Icon supplies.png
Bajatai Good Bonus
Villariba 170000Icon coins.png 210000Icon supplies.png
Rio Roxo 20Translucent.pngSmart materials.pngPapercrete.pngPreservatives.pngNutrition food.png
Sierra Torrido 550000Icon coins.png 600000Icon supplies.png
Santa Nerea 1100000Icon supplies.png
La Huega 1Expansion icon.png
Jamenez 20Translucent.pngSmart materials.pngPapercrete.pngPreservatives.pngNutrition food.png
Falsa Cruz 770000Icon coins.png 430000Icon supplies.png 500Small medal.png
Desierto de la Muerte 200Small diamond.png
Villabaja 1Expansion icon.png
FE tower.png
Esan-Ewu 20Biogeochemical data.pngPurified water.pngAlgae.pngSuperconductors.pngNanoparticles.png
Omogba 1500000Icon supplies.png
Owopele Good Bonus
Jak 1500000Icon coins.png
Pala 20Biogeochemical data.pngPurified water.pngAlgae.pngSuperconductors.pngNanoparticles.png
Kolabourg 300000Icon coins.png 800000Icon supplies.png
Bontaville 1Expansion icon.png
Botuku 1000000Icon coins.png 1000000Icon supplies.png
Kalabuye 2000Small medal.png
Bisoraba 200Small diamond.png
Fort Buntu 1Expansion icon.png
AF tower.png
Iluliaq 3000Small medal.png
Aurora's Dale 1200000Icon coins.png 1400000Icon supplies.png
Cold Bay 1000000Icon coins.png 1000000Icon supplies.png
Arctic Horizon 20Transester gas.png Nanowire.png Ai data.png Paper batteries.png Bioplastics.png
Tuklavik Good Bonus
Ananevut 20Transester gas.png Nanowire.png Ai data.png Paper batteries.png Bioplastics.png
Qaniit 1Expansion icon.png
White Gate 1400000Icon coins.png 1200000Icon supplies.png
Snowdrifts 10Transester gas.png Nanowire.png Ai data.png Paper batteries.png Bioplastics.png
Median Waters 3000Small medal.png
Frosty Mountain 10Transester gas.png Nanowire.png Ai data.png Paper batteries.png Bioplastics.png
Southern Valley 1Expansion icon.png
Ilug 20Transester gas.png Nanowire.png Ai data.png Paper batteries.png Bioplastics.png
Chugiak 1500000Icon coins.png 1500000Icon supplies.png
Kesukavut 30Transester gas.png Nanowire.png Ai data.png Paper batteries.png Bioplastics.png
Adlartok 3000Small medal.png
Northern Passage 30Transester gas.png Nanowire.png Ai data.png Paper batteries.png Bioplastics.png