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  • Table Caption:
Age icon.png
Small fp.png
Required FPs
Icon coins.png
Required Coins
Small supplie.png
Required Supplies
Small goods.png
Required Goods
Tech icon.png
Items Provided
Age icon.png
Small fp.png
Icon coins.png
Small supplie.png
Small goods.png
Tech icon.png
ModE Me prefabrication.png Prefabrication 102 100000 200000 200Machineparts icon.png200Coke icon.png Good icon.png Good icon.png
ModE Me autobahns.png Autobahns 57 0 400000 180Petroleum.png130Tar icon.png Expansion icon.pngRoad icon.pngGood icon.png
ModE Me food processing.png Food Processing 85 75000 150000 430Whale icon.png100Tinplate.png Good icon.png Good icon.png
ModE Me prefab houses.png Prefab_houses 79 50000 200000 190Ferroconcrete.png140Convenience food.png House icon.png
ModE Me mechanized infantry.png Mechanized Infantry 59 25000 250000 90Machineparts icon.png60Petroleum.png Military icon.png
ModE Me motels.png Motels 62 50000 200000 130Asbestos.png 90Porcelain icon.png House icon.png
ModE Me mechanized artillery.png Mechanized Artillery 67 25000 250000 180Explosive icon.png90Wire icon.png Military icon.png Deco icon.png
ModE Me hatter.png Advertisement 73 100000 50000 190Flavorants.png140Packaging.png Supplie icon.png
ModE Me commercial aviation.png Commercial Aviation 110 77000 110000 90Tinplate.png120Coke icon.png Supplie icon.png Deco icon.png
ModE Me service 24 7.png 24/7 Service 77 24000 70000 210Convenience food.png90Coffee icon.png Cultural icon.png
ModE Me hollywood.png Hollywood 111 300000 100000 180Luxury materials.png60Explosive icon.png Cultural icon.png Deco icon.png
ModE Me spectator sports.png Spectator Sports 108 15000 80000 140Textiles icon.png120Asbestos.png Cultural icon.png
ModE Me rapid deployment.png Rapid Deployment 58 123456 654321 160Textiles icon.png40Paper icon.png Military icon.png
ModE Me consumer goods.png Consumer Goods 109 60000 250000 160Machineparts icon.png130Rubber icon.png Supplie icon.png
ModE Me baby boom.png Baby Boom 56 0 300000 160Gunpowder icon.png140Packaging.png Expansion icon.png Road icon.png
ModE Me modern tanks.png Modern Tanks 112 25000 250000 150Tinplate.png140Petroleum.png Military icon.png
ModE Me suburban houses.png Suburban Houses 70 50000 200000 150Luxury materials.png80Ferroconcrete.png House icon.png
ModE Me anti tank warfare.png Anti Tank Warfare 45 25000 250000 90Explosive icon.png90Ferroconcrete.png Military icon.png

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