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Dancing round a maypole is part of a traditional festival held on May Day, May 1. Since the Middle Ages, this is the day people in northern Europe have celebrated the coming of spring. Merrymakers hold streamers as they dance round the maypole.

Hilde is an older lady who is nostalgic about her youth and is trying to recreate those moments, no matter how mischievous the situation. She's energetic and persuasive. Meet this new questgiver during this event whose memories fuel her determination to have a May Day festival as good as the ones from her youth.

Along with Spring comes a beautiful new cultural building: the maypole! Like a towering flower on the fields, it will delight your visitors with its colorful ribbons and dancers! Get into the Spring spirit with the new player avatars! You can dress for the occasion by completing the quests from the May Day event.

The Maypole can be upgraded by using a Maypole Upgrade Kit into a Mighty Maypole which can also be ugraded into a Majestic Maypole. You can obtain this Maypole Upgrade Kit by completing the questline.