Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in a country where African-Americans did not have the same rights as white Americans. By his fight against racial inequality through nonviolent means he managed to change the world into a better place.

This is the story of a great humanist and an activist who was a strong advocate of nonviolence. He made lives of millions better, but paid for it with his own life.​..

This Historical Questline took place in 2016, from January 12th to January 19th, right in time for Martin Luther King's birthday which is on January 15th. Those who played Forge of Empires at that time were presented with the opportunity to hear the story of one of the most notable civil rights activists of the modern history.

If you listened to the story carefully and managed to complete all 11 quests on time, a special reward awaited you at the end - a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. himself. Of course that is in addition to the random rewards one obtained by completing those quests.