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What is the Guild Battlegrounds?

Guild battlegrounds backgroundmap rd6.png

Every 14 days, guilds will be matchmade into a battleground that lasts for 11 days. Those guilds fight for provinces on the map, as these generate victory points to become the best guild in the Battleground. Depending on your guild’s performance, it should move up or down in the league system, so moving up also means that the Battlegrounds will get even more challenging, as your guild will face more competitive rivals as it grows.

How do I access the Guild Battlegrounds?

Much like other Forge of Empires features, the access to Guild Battlegrounds will appear in your city. As soon as you are a guild member and you unlock the technology Military Tactics in the tech tree, you will gain access to this feature. Once unlocked you will see on the outskirts of your city, just next to your Cultural Settlements access point, you'll see a new structure.

Before unlocking After unlocking

Click on the Guild Battleground building to open the exciting new PvP feature!

How can I participate in a Battleground?

Each Battleground match will be formed by a map with 5-8 guilds that will battle each other for 11 consecutive days. Besides that, the map consists of a fixed number of provinces, where each guild will be initially placed at the edges with a province and an included HQ (the map distribution should provide as equitable distances as possible between guilds). These main provinces, in turn, can never be conquered by other guilds.


Upon completion of each battleground, there will be a 3-days break for the guilds to rest, collect their rewards and make new preparations. The guild score will then be updated, and its members will see if they have increased or dropped their progress in the League System.

Conquest Flags - Attacking & Negotiating

Guilds can only attack provinces which are adjacent to one of their own, and as soon as a guild begins attacking an adjacent province, a “conquest flag” will be displayed in the target province. Each action of the guild with the highest progress will increase the strength of the flag, until it is at full strength and the rival province gets taken over:


Subsequently, the conquered province will stay in a ‘lock down’ state for 4 hours, which means that no guild can progress their conquest flag further in that province. Only the flag of the guild with the most progress will be displayed in a province, but other guilds progressing on that province will be indicated by small colored shields next to the flag. Also, you can always check a detailed list of guilds as well as their progress by clicking it.


To contribute to a certain conquest flag, any guild member can tap on that province to bring up its window. Two options for earning points will be available there: Attack and negotiation. The enemy composition for the battle option, as well as the costs for the negotiation option, will depend on the attacking player's age. At the same time, negotiation provides more than one advance as it takes more time and resources to complete.

When a certain amount of advances is reached, the province will get taken over. The amount of advances needed depends on the league - higher leagues needing more advances.

League ->
Advances needed 40 70 100 130 160

As stated above, a province that was just taken will be under lock-down for four hours, giving the new owner some time to get victory points or build sector buildings. During lock-down, no other guild can progress their conquest flag further in that locked province.

Defending Provinces

There is no means of directly defending the acquired provinces. The only way of defending your guild's provinces will be by trying to take the provinces of the attacking guild before they take yours. In this case, if the opposing guild loses all adjacent provinces they also lose all advances that they have made towards your province.

Focus Mechanic

For Founders, Leaders and Battleground Officers of a Guild. This new functionality gives these members the option to tell their guild to focus or ignore specific provinces on the map. To access this, simply click on a province, and choose either the focus or ignore tick boxes. This will then give a visual prompt to others on which provinces to work on. The function doesn't restrict interaction with other provinces, and is designed to help coordinate, but not to remove people's freedom to choose how they want to play.

Provinces can be marked with the 'Focus' or 'Ignore' signal when they are not owned by your Guild, even if the province is currently in lockdown. Once a province has been acquired by your guild, the focus signal will be removed.


Battleground Leaderboard

At all times, the guilds will see their amount of victory points within the feature. By clicking on this component, the Leaderboard will show all participating guilds of their current battleground group, listing the rankings, guild names, number of provinces they hold, current hourly gain of victory points, total of victory points and a reward preview for the given rank:


Victory Points

The Victory Points are particularly used to measure and count the points towards the current battleground, thus being reset every time you join a new round. Once per hour, each province that a guild holds will provide victory points. The provinces located towards the center of the map will be the ones providing the highest amount of victory points, so aim to acquire those!


Whenever a player successfully completes a battle or a negotiation (in the context of a Guild Battleground) they will build up Attrition. This is a percentage value that directly affects the (attack and defense) boosts of the defending armies and the difficulty level of the negotiations that the player will face.


So at some point, performing attacks or negotiating will become unfeasible as the defending armies become too strong and the negotiations become too complex or too expensive. However, attrition resets to 0% each day (midnight server time).

Attrition Level Defending Army Bonus Negotiation Multiplier
0 0% 1
1 2% 1
2 4% 1
3 6% 1
4 9% 1
5 12% 2
6 15% 2
7 19% 2
8 23% 3
9 27% 3
Attrition Level Defending Army Bonus Negotiation Multiplier
10 32% 3
11 37% 3
12 42% 3
13 48% 3
14 54% 3
15 61% 4
16 68% 4
17 75% 4
18 83% 4
19 91% 4
Attrition Level Defending Army Bonus Negotiation Multiplier
20 99% 4
21 108% 4
22 117% 5
23 126% 5
24 136% 5
25 146% 5
26 157% 5
27 168% 5
28 179% 5
29 191% 6
30 203% 6

If you're curious about further data, you can take a look at the full table Attrition Table page. Attrition higher than 100 can be reached, however the table show max at 100.

League System

To ensure that there’s no substantial difference between the participating guilds on each Battleground map, we will have a League System made up of five distinct league categories: Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Newly arrived guilds will be positioned in the Copper league.

Copper Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
guild_battlegrounds_league_copper.png guild_battlegrounds_league_silver.png guild_battlegrounds_league_gold.png guild_battlegrounds_league_platinum.png guild_battlegrounds_league_diamond.png

League Points

A Guilds League points (LP formerly known as MMR) decides which league the guild is placed in. Every time a guild participates in a Battleground it will aquire league points based on its placement in the final league result. The number of League Points can never go below 0 or above 1000.

League League Points

Depending on the placement and the number of opponents in the battleground the LP is adjusted according to the table below:

Placement 8 Guilds 7 Guilds 6 Guilds 5 Guilds
1st place +175 +150 +125 +100
2nd place +125 +100 +75 +50
3rd place +75 +50 +25 0
4th place +25 0 -25 -50
5th place -25 -50 -75 -100
6th place -75 -100 -125
7th place -125 -150
8th place -175

Province Buildings

Btn guild battlegrounds buildings.png

On the Battleground map, each province can have from 0 to 3 slots on which buildings can be constructed. Anyone can donate goods to the guild treasury to help pay the costs, but only members with a special guild role (“battleground constructor”) can raise buildings on provinces owned by their guild. Every ‘founder’ and ‘leader’ of a guild will automatically have this role as well.

Only the eras that are represented in a guild will determine the costs of province buildings (treasury goods). These province buildings have a building time, and it’s possible to cancel or remove a construction at any time to free the slot for another building. In such a case, spent resources are not returned to the treasury.
When a province gets conquered by another guild, every building (including the ones under construction) has a chance of 50% to be destroyed, and the remaining ones will benefit the new owner. There are 9 different strategical buildings available, so make sure you choose them wisely.

Outpost and Fortress

These buildings increases the number of advances your enemies needs to conquer your province.

Building Name 'Properties Costs Construction Time
guild_battlegrounds_sector_buildings_outpost.png Outpost This province requires +10% advances to be conquered. 500
guild_battlegrounds_sector_buildings_fortress.png Fortress This province requires +30% advances to be conquered. 3,000

Decoys and Traps

If your enemies fight/negotiate in a province with one of these buildings, there's a chance that they will suffer double the amount of attrition.

Building Name 'Properties Costs Construction Time
guild_battlegrounds_sector_buildings_decoys.png Decoys If an enemy fights or negotiates to conquer this province, there is a chance of 15% that this enemy will suffer double the amount of attrition. 500
guild_battlegrounds_sector_buildings_traps.png Traps If an enemy fights or negotiates to conquer this province, there is a chance of 45% that this enemy will suffer double the amount of attrition. 3,000

Watchtower and Siege Camp

If own guild members attack provinces adjacent to this province, they have a chance to not increase their attrition level.

Building Name 'Properties Costs Construction Time
guild_battlegrounds_sector_buildings_watchtower.png Watchtower If members of the owning guild of this province advance into adjacent provinces, they have a 8% chance to not increase their attrition level. 500
guild_battlegrounds_sector_buildings_siege_camp.png Siege Camp If members of the owning guild of this province advance into adjacent provinces, they have a 24% chance to not increase their attrition level. 3,000

This province generates more victory points.

Building Name 'Properties Costs Construction Time
guild_battlegrounds_sector_buildings_banner.png Banner This province generates 10% more victory points. 250
guild_battlegrounds_sector_buildings_statue.png Statue This province generates 30% more victory points. 1,500


This province generates more victory points and enemy guilds will need more advances to conquer it.

Building Name 'Properties Costs Construction Time
guild_battlegrounds_sector_buildings_palace.png Palace This province requires +30% advances to be conquered and generates 75% more victory points. 12,000


You can obtain immediate, temporary and permanent rewards in the Battlegrounds. There's a chance to obtain Forge Points, units, attackers boosts, goods, diamonds and fragments for the Statue of Honor after each fight or negotiation. The magnitude of these rewards depends on your league! Your guild should gain temporary prestige points according to its current league, but keep in mind that you can also lose them likewise when dropping in the league. Lastly, we also have permanent rewards for you and your guild: Guilds can get guild power according to their placement within a battleground (the amount also scales according to the league), and simultaneously you can get fragments for the Statue of Honor Selection Kit.


Note: 50% of the time, the immediate reward will be one fragment for the Statue of Honor Selection kit.

Statue of Honor - Lv. 1 Statue of Honor - Lv. 2 Statue of Honor - Lv. 3 Statue of Honor - Lv. 4
Statue of Honor - Lv. 5 Statue of Honor - Lv. 6 Statue of Honor - Lv. 7 Statue of Honor - Lv. 8
Road to Victory
This building is exclusively available for participants of the Diamond and Platinum leagues in Guild Battlegrounds. The Road to Victory has the chain-ability, much like the Winter Train from Winter 2019, and has to be attached to the Statue of Honor. When attached, the Road to Victory boosts the Statue of Honor's production with 5 random goods from your age, as well as giving a 5% Defense boost for attacking armies. Check it out in action with all three visual variations:

Guild Rewards

When a battleground ends, guilds may obtain various rewards which depend on placement:

  • Prestige according to current league and placement;
  • Guild Power according to placement within a battleground
  • Fragments of the Statue of Honor

Resume Table

13 54,600 39 163,800 65 273,000 91 382.200 130 546.000
12 47.900 35 143,500 57 239,000 80 334,800 114 478,200
11 43,300 31 129,700 52 216,100 73 302,600 103 432,200
10 40,800 30 122,300 49 203,000 68 285,200 97 407,400
10 40,400 29 121,000 48 201,600 68 282,300 96 403,200
10 39,900 29 119,700 48 199,000 67 279,300 95 399,000
10 39,500 28 118,500 47 197,400 66 276,400 94 394,800
10 39,100 28 117,200 47 195,300 66 273,500 93 390,600

Individual Rewards

Apart from rewards for your guild, there are also individual rewards, whenever you contribute by fighting or negotiating, there is a chance to win some Forge Points, Goods, a military unit, attacker boost or even Diamonds.