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Icon GB.png Each Era comes with new Great Buildings, each one with its own unique bonus, graphic, and space required to build. Unlike conventional buildings which require only coins/supplies, Great Buildings have additional requirements of goods and blueprints which must be collected before the Great Building can be constructed.

Produce Resources : Great Buildings provide unique bonuses.

Some of them produce large amounts of resources, like coins, supplies, goods, medals or Forge Points.
The higher the level of the Great Building, the more it will produce

Get Boosts.png

Get Boosts : Some Great Buildings provide boost to the defense of your army. Other support your offense or raise the production of your buildings. Raise the level of the building to increase your boost!

Get Blueprints:

Get Blueprints by contributing to other players Great Buildings. There is also a chance of finding blueprints when you polish, motivate or plunder buildings. You can also trade your surplus blueprints at a rate 2:1.

Contribution Rewards:

You can gain medals, Forge Points packages and blueprints of that Great Building for contributing to other player's. However you need to have researched 'Architecture' in order to contribute

Required Goods :

For the initial construction of the Great Building you will need plenty of goods of the same age. Look up the required goods cost in the Great Building menu of your inventory.

Construct Great Buildings:

As soon as you have a full set of Blueprints and the required goods you can construct the Great Building in your city.

Work Together :

It is a difficult to task to level up your Great Building alone. Get the help of your friends, neighbors or guild mates - when they contribute Forge Points, they will take rewards.

Leveling Up :

It takes Forge Points to level up a Great Building. Every Great Building starts at level 0. It will take some Forge Points before it reaches level 1 and starts working.

Level 10+ :

You can level up a Great Building up to level 10. For every additional level beyond 10, you have to collect a full set of blueprints again.

Construction.png Construction

To place a great building, you need the following:

  • The nine different blueprints of that building
  • An amount of goods from that building's age

Once you comply with the requirements, you can place the construction site. But that doesn't give you the building yet – see section Levels.


Every Great Building is a puzzle of nine pieces, which you have to collect in order to construct the building. That can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Polish or Motivate your neighbours/guildmates
  • Plunder your neighbours, though chances to find something are a little lower than with polishing/motivating
  • Help other players construct their great buildings (see section "Donation Rewards")
  • Diamonds, once you found at least one blueprint of that building one of the other ways
  • Quests and the Treasure Hunt can also give you random blueprints
  • Special events may feature blueprints as prizes

When Polishing/Motivating/Plundering, the affected building's age defines what blueprint you might find. Example: If you motivate a pottery, a Bronze Age building, you can only find blueprints for the Statue of Zeus or the Tower of Babel – Great buildings of Bronze Age.

You can also trade two duplicates in a specific Great building for one blueprint in that same Great Building (but still in a random spot) if you are still looking to get a specific spot.

Levels.png Levels

Once you placed a great building, it's on level 0, like a construction site.

Unlike other buildings, these don't build up themselves, but have to be constructed with the use of forge points.

When the building reaches level 1, it is finally built, but can be upgraded to level 10 with forge points alone. You will then need set of blueprints to unlock levels past 10 (one set = one more level available).

The higher the building's level, the more powerful the bonus becomes and the greater the amount of forge points are needed to reach the next level.

Details on the forge-point costs and bonuses can be found in the respective posts of each building.

Bronze Age Iron Age
Tower of Babel

Population.png Population, Good Production.png Goods


Icon happiness.png Happiness, Icon medal.pngMedals

Statue of Zeus

Military boost.png Military Boost

Lighthouse of Alexandria

Icon supplies.png Supply Boost, Good Production.png Goods

Early Middle Age High Middle Age
Hagia Sophia

Icon happiness.png Happiness, Small fp.png Forge Points

St. Mark's Basilica

Coin boost.png Coin Boost, Good Production.png Goods

Cathedral of Aachen

Military boost.png Military Boost, Coin boost.png Coin Income

Notre Dame

Icon happiness.png Happiness, Icon supplies.png Supply Income

Late Middle Age Colonial Age
St. Basil's Cathedral

Fierce resistance.png Fierce Resistance, Coin boost.png Coin Income

Deal Castle

Fierce resistance.png Fierce Resistance, Icon medal.png Medals

Castel del Monte

Military boost.png Military Boost, Small fp.png Forge Points

Frauenkirche of Dresden

Icon happiness.png Happiness, Good Production.png Goods

Industrial Age Progressive Era
Royal Albert Hall

Icon supplies.png Supply Boost, Good Production.png Goods

Château Frontenac

Quest reward boost.png Quest Boost, Coin boost.png Coin Income


30pc Population, Icon supplies.png Supply Income


Icon happiness.png Happiness, Penal Unit.png Unattached Military

Modern Era Postmodern Era
Space Needle

Icon happiness.png Happiness, Coin boost.png Coin Income

Cape Canaveral

Small fp.png Forge Points


Icon happiness.png Happiness, Guild Goods.png Guild Goods

The Habitat

Icon population.png Population, Coin boost.png Coin Income

Contemporary Era Tomorrow
Lotus Temple

Icon happiness.png Happiness, Coin boost.png Coin Income

Dynamic Tower

Aid Goods.pngAid Goods, Icon supplies.png Supply Income

Innovation Tower

Icon population.png Population, Small fp.png Forge Points

Voyager V1

Plunder Goods.png Plunder Goods, Icon supplies.png Supply Income

The Future Arctic Future
The Arc

Contribution Boost.png Contribution Boost, Guild Goods.png Guild Goods

Gaea Statue

Icon happiness.png Happiness, Icon medal.png Medals

Rain Forest Project

Aid Blueprints.png Aid Blueprints, Good Production.png Goods

Arctic Orangery

Research.png Forge Points Critical hit icon.png Critical Hit

No Age

Support Pool Bonus.png Support Pool
Guild Goods.png Guild Goods

Temple of Relics

Icon great building bonus relic hunt.png Special Relic Rewards




Donation Rewards

Ranking Points.png

Ranking Points