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Required FPs
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Required Coins
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Required Supplies
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Required Goods
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Items Provided
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The Fut Fut clean energy.png Clean Energy 133 860000 2500100 300Preservatives.png190Filters.png Expansion icon.png
The Fut Fut low temp science.png Low temp Science 71 250000 970000 410Lng.png330Papercrete.png Good icon.png
The Fut Fut biochemistry.png Biochemistry 112 1500000 3200000 150Dna data.png320Bionics research lab.png Good icon.png Good icon.png
The Fut Fut earth science.png Earth Science 77 0 1800000 420Magnet factory.png380Luxury materials.png Good icon.png
The Fut Fut tidal power.png Tidal Power 103 110000 1700000 320Translucent.png420Robotics factory.png Good icon.png
The Fut Fut quantum communication.png Quantum Communication 109 200000 1200000 200Semiconductors.png400Plastics plant.png Military icon.png
The Fut Fut underground houses.png Underground Houses 95 1000000 950000 300Steel.png100Purified water.png House icon.png
The Fut Fut climate control.png Climate Control 73 1200000 120000 420Magnet factory.png115Nanoparticles.png Cultural icon.png Deco icon.png
The Fut Fut gravity fields.png Gravity Fields 108 4000500 1100000 240Semiconductors.png185Superconductors.png Military icon.png
The Fut Fut food engineering.png Food Engineering 109 470000 2500000 520Nutrition food.png190Algae.png Supplie icon.png
The Fut Fut solar roads.pngSolar Roads 57 0 600500 400Translucent.png390Plastics plant.png Road icon.png Road icon.png
The Fut Fut terraforming.png Terraforming 77 1100000 1010100 450Renewable ressources.png170Biogeochemical data.png Cultural icon.png
The Fut Fut xenomineralogy.png Xenomineralogy 119 1000500 850000 170Filters.png280Purified water.png Supplie icon.png
The Fut Fut self supporting homes.png Self-Supporting Homes 91 350000 2000300 300Preservatives.png160Nanoparticles.png House icon.png Deco icon.png
The Fut Fut human machine interface.png Human-Machine Interface 74 2000000 3010000 490Robotics factory.png300Dna data.png Military icon.png
The Fut Fut precise forecasting.png Precise Forecasting 84 3150000 1010100 445Papercrete.png190Nanoparticles.png Expansion icon.png
The Fut Fut orbital networks.png Orbital Networks 118 1010100 1010100 425Bionics research lab.png240Superconductors.png Military icon.png
The Fut Fut arcologies.png Arcologies 98 600000 800000 340Preservatives.png280Biogeochemical data.png House icon.png
The Fut Fut extended gaussian distribution.png Extended Gaussian Distribution 82 1650000 750000 505Lng.png270Algae.png Military icon.png

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