Forge of Empires 10th Birthday

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'Welcome to the event for the ages! Almost 10 years ago, Forge of Empires was created, and now we are celebrating this momentous occasion with a brand-new event!!'

Forge Fact Finder.png

How can I participate in Forge of Empires 10th Birthday Event?

The Game Board

Board 1 x 2.png

The Forge tenth anniversary event is based on a board game — and like many that you may have played — the objective is to get around the board by rolling Dice!

Event Questline

Forge Fact Finder.png

Quests can be found through the Forge Fact-Finder, who will not only give you quests, but also some interesting facts from the history of Forge!

There are 40 rush quests and 21 daily quests, for a total of 61 quests in the quest line!

Advancing around the board

A full trip around the Board will advance you through the Ages! You start at the Stone Age and then catapult your way to the Space Age! There are twenty different boards for you to experience, and once you reach the twentieth, and final board, the fun doesn't end! You can continue playing until your heart's content.

Paper Money


Earn Paper Money through completing Quests, through Daily Log-in, or from Incidents found in your city. These Incidents are very much distinguishable from the normal ones!

Giftbox 01 4k.png Giftbox 02 4k.png Giftbox 03 4k.png
Common Common Rare

Rolling the Dice

Use the earned Paper Money to roll the Dice and move forward on the board


The Golden Dice


There are also Golden Dice, which can be found as rewards in the event and purchased with diamonds. These allow you to select the exact number of spaces you want to move. By using the Golden Dice you will be able to chose precisely which space you will land on as long as it is from 1 to 6 spaces from your current position.

The Spaces You Can Land!

With each roll, there are a variety of Spaces you can land on. Each with their own unique reward including buildings, coins, medals, supplies, avatars, as well as Chests!

There are also special tiles, found in the corner! These will provide you with special additional rewards, and the one on the bottom right, can even boost your percentage chances of winning Daily Specials by 5%!

Daily Special x 2.png


Common Chest Rare Chest Daily Goal Spaces
Common Chest.png Rare Chest.png Goal10th.png
  • 13-15% chance of the Daily Special
  • Blueprints and Fragments (including the wishing well)
  • Coin and supply boosts
  • Goods, Units, Buildings, as well as other additional prizes!
  • 16% chance of a Daily Special
  • Large Attacker and Defender boosts
  • Units, Buildings, and Forge Points
  • And much more!
There are also Daily Goal spaces, which will grant you percentage chances of additional rewards (including a 20% to receive Daily Specials)! Try to land on these when you can

Event Rewards

The Golden Orrery

We can't have an event without a new building! The Golden Orrery is a ten-level 4x5 upgradeable building, and the main building that you will win in the Grand Prize!

The Golden Orrery Stats
Golden Orrey.png
  • Level 1-3: Population and Supplies
  • Level 4: Population, Supplies and 1 Forge Point
  • Level 5: Population, Supplies and 2 Forge Points
  • Level 6: Population, Supplies and 3 Forge Points
  • Level 7: Population, Supplies, 4 Forge Points and up to 17% defensive boost for an attacking army.
  • Level 8: Population, Supplies, 6 Forge Points, up to 21% defensive boost for an attacking army, as well as a random reward!
  • Level 9: Population, Supplies, 8 Forge Points, 5 Previous Era Goods, up to 24% defensive boost for an attacking army, as well as a random reward (with an improved reward pool)!
  • Level 10: Population, Supplies, 10 Forge Points, 10 Previous Era Goods, up to 27% defensive boost for an attacking army, as well as a random reward!

Special Spaces Board awards

However, we couldn’t just celebrate with one new building! There are also additional prizes you can win by landing on Spaces on the Board! This includes the Grand King, which grants medals, and the Grand Queen, which grants goods. These are both upgradeable to level 2 and when placed next to each other you can receive Forge Points!

In addition, the Stage of Ages can be won in the Daily Special, and will grant forge points, goods from the previous era, and an attack boost for your attacking army.

Grand King (3x3) Grand Queen (3x3) Stage of Ages (4x4)
Grand King.png Grand Queen.png StageOfAges.png

Level 1:

  • Population
  • Coins
  • Medals
  • Set Bonus: 2 Forge Points

Level 2:

  • Population
  • More Coins
  • More Medals
  • 5 % attack boost for your attacking armies
  • Set Bonus: 5 Forge Points!

Level 1:

  • Population
  • Coins
  • 5 Goods
  • Set Bonus: 1 Forge Points

Level 2:

  • Population
  • More Coins
  • 10 Goods
  • 5 % attack boost for your attacking armies
  • Set Bonus: 3 Forge Points
  • Happiness
  • Population
  • 4 Forge Points
  • 15 Goods from your previous Era
  • up to 19% Attacking boost for your attacking army

Reward buildings from previous events

That is not all! There are also some incredible rewards in the Daily Special pool, including favorites from previous events like the Suishun Mill, and historical quest lines like The Menagerie!

Menagerie.png Suishun Mill.png

Event Avatars

Lastly, you will have the opportunity to earn avatars from past events, even highly sought-after historical figures from our historical quest lines! There are also some brand-new avatars, just for this event, that you can win to show off your board game prowess!