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The Castle System is a feature that rewards you for your activity. The Castle System will be unlocked after finishing the initial tutorial and you can access the Castle System via it's off-grid building. As you do different things in the game you earn Castle Points, and with these Castle Points you slowly advance through the different Castle levels that reward the players with different one time rewards and permanent rewards.

Getting started

Upon having finished the initial tutorial you will have access to the Castle System. When you click on the Castle, you will see a new window.


The Castle System Window

The Castle System Window contains three sections. It shows your progress and a chest you can collect daily for extra Castle Points. It shows you the rewards for each Castle Level from 1 - 15, and it shows the Daily Reward Chest and it's reward depending on your Castle Level.

The Progress Bar and Castle Points

In the first section you will see a progress bar and a number at the end of the bar. The number at the end indicates which Castle Level you're currently at. To the right of the Castle Level there is a chest that you can collect once every day. The chest will reward you with extra castle points, and the amount awarded will increase with each collection. If you miss a day, your streak pauses. After seven days of collecting, you will get a higher bonus reward streak, then it will reset and start over.


The Castle Level Rewards

In the second section you can see the rewards you'll be receiving when you reach the given level which is seen at the top. As the image shows you will be awarded with both one-time rewards and permanent rewards. The one-time rewards go straight to your inventory while the permanent rewards are boosts that strengthen your city. As you reach higher Castle Levels, the boosts will get stronger.


The Daily Reward Chest

In the third section there is the Reward Chest. The Reward Chest is a chest that contains Forge Points, Current Era Goods and Previous Era Goods. You can collect the rewards on a daily basis, so make sure you log in and collect the reward every day!


Evolving your Castle

You can gain Castle Points by actively playing the game each day - up to a certain limit. Successfully finish battles and negotiations, advance in the Guild Expedition, buy and win items in the Antiques Dealer or successfully finish the daily challenges. Besides that, you can also get Castle Points for in-game purchases.

Additionally, as a way to reward your activity, there's a streak mechanic in place for collecting your points. The chest always expires at midnight, and as soon as you collect it for the first time, you will start a cycle. With each additional collection of the chest, the amount of points will raise, but there's a maximum amount of points you can get in your streak. Finally, when you hit this maximum streak collection, the cycle will restart.

Upon opening a chest in your Castle System window, you will get information about how many points you've collected, what's your current collection streak and the next expected collection points amount. Please, keep in mind that your streak can be interrupted in case you forget to collect in one day, meaning that these points will be paused.

The Castle

The off-grid Castle changes both in looks and size when you reach certain thresholds as you level it up. The Castle can reach up to level 15. Please, be aware that your Castle System progress is world based!

Level 0 (Default) Level 1 Level 4
Level 7 Level 11 Level 15


There are plenty of rewards for levelling up your castle. Among them will be both one-time rewards and permanent rewards.

Among the one-time rewards, there will be:

  • Shrink kits: For both the Wishing-well and the Rogue Hideout.
  • Buildings: Such as the Shrine of Knowledge, Rogue Hideout and Wishing-well.
  • Rush-items: For both coins and supplies.
  • Portraits: Up to 11 new portraits are available.
  • Emissary slots: Up to 3 new emissary slots.


Among the permanent rewards, there will be:

  • Coins and supply boosts.
  • Attack and defense boosts for attacking army.
  • Friends tavern - coin cost reduction.
  • Campaign Map - lower travel time.
  • Antiques Dealer - More Coins and Gems when selling, and an extra Antiques dealer slot.
  • PvP Arena - lower cooldown for attempts.
  • Cultural Settlement - More Forge Points when finishing an outpost & lower cooldown when abandoning outpost.