5 Years of Forge of Empires

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Can you believe that Forge of Empires is celebrating its 5th anniversary?

We went through many ups and downs and achieved numerous milestones since 2012. We would like to thank you for playing Forge of Empires and for supporting us during the last five years. We'd also like to extend our special thanks to all of the regular forum members who constantly provide us with feedback, as well as supporters and moderators, who helped make the community what it is today.

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To celebrate our 5th birthday, Madame Fortuna, who made her first appearance during Forge of Empires's 1st anniversary, will return to your city on April 20th. She'll take you on a short sentimental ride through the history of Forge of Empires. At the end of her small questline, you will be rewarded with new, more majestic versions of the Queen and the King statues. They make up a new set with a third building, Garden Ruins, that will be automatically placed in your inventory towards the end of our celebration event - on April 24th.